Zarya x mercy

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I hope you like it though! Hope you liked it!

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Lol I accidentally posted this on my main blog… but thanks for introducing me to such a cute song! Needless to say you were excited, you were finally going to see Gabe at his job! As you walked closer to the training grounds, you could hear the shouts of the people inside. You instead approached the doors cautiously, and slowly pulled them open. You saw Gabe, and who must be Jesse and Genji.

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You jumped and he caught you, spinning you around. This must be Jesse. I wanted to come see you at your job, too. Jesse McCree. She will be okay, but I need your help. She needs your help. McCree - was that a bullet?

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Reaper - how stupid could you be? Thanks for your request! Hope you found some ways to de-stress, and I also hope you enjoyed my lil headcannons! Thanks for requesting xx. I have never thought about it until recently and it is likely possible something terrible like that occurs.

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Luv his blog BTW honey. Also, I know this request has been in my ask box for a while, sorry for taking so long.

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No one, no one hurts you that way. You were holding him so tightly your knuckles were turning white. He brought you to a medic, and there they figured out what had happened. He could not be stopped. Well, he could. But, the only people that could stop him insisted on giving Talon a lesson themselves.

My sincerest apologies. Who even are you? Are you new to overwatch? Hope you liked it, I tried to make it a little longer than my other couple of headcannons since it was just for one person. I hope I wrote to your liking! Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive.

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Zarya - Zarya loves hugs. Widowmaker Amelie - she overheard a small voice coming from the kitchen, along with the smell of homemade soup.

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Hope you liked it, I tried my best. Heycan you do a demon hanzo fanfic or headcanons with the reader please? How would his bond with reader, the trainer be and what kind of personality would he have? Thanks for requesting xx comeonrafe. Luv his blog BTW honey Hi! What the hell did they do to you? They did that to you. You will be avenged. See this in the app Show more.

Zarya x mercy

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