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Children's stories, presented as audio dramas, performed by kids from across the globe, for. A young girl is rewarded for her kindness with a pot that produces magical porridge. Her mother greedily tries to get as much of the porridge as she can, but she gets a bit more than she expected! This episode is a bonus episode of BKFK. Ruby was invited to teleport onto the awesome kids' podcast, Bobby Wonder. We hope you BKFK listeners enjoy this episode as much we did!

Jack was a legendary giant slayer! All through the land, people spoke of him as a brave warrior! A brave warrior? I think we know by now, listeners, that Jack was a very clever trickster. But could he actually fight a giant? Why defEATS? Listen and find out! Jack the daring! Jack the clever! Jack the brave battler of Giants! In this first episode of our 3 part giant special, Jack tackles 3 giants and conquers them all! Four clever brothers - a thief, a stargazer, a hunter and a tailor, team up against a fearsome dragon. This episode tells the true story of Joan of Arc, a brave young girl that led her people to victory.

She is still treated as a hero by the people of France. The Monkey King is determined to learn the secrets of immortality. He masters the martial art of Kung Fu, and uses his special powers to accomplish many dangerous quests! Another great story from Story Time Magazine! A young man with the unfortunate name of Dullhead, is gifted a Golden Goose by a little old grey man. Yummy tiger patreon problem is, Yummy tiger patreon else wants a golden feather! For this episode's shout out, Ruby journeys to ancient Rome.

Tom Fitzpatrick tries to outsmart a leprechaun! Oh, Tom! If only you knew! Nobody can outsmart these mischievous little creatures! The Lion thinks he's the bee's knees! He finds himself gorgeous, adorable, majestic, delightful, and splendid!

However, he is humbled by a tiny little beetle. However, everything does not go according to his plans. Until a clever young girl arrives Nobody has the courage to tell the Emperor that he has goats ears. All who do tell him come to a grizzly end! However, one clever young barber has an idea! Well, we have so much in common with them. They tell stories exactly the way we like them!

This week's story is from them! Each month they release an issue of their magazine that is packed with fairy tales, new and classic stories, awesome animals, inspirational children, myths, legends, puzzles, games and much more. And you should see the illustrations! They have no adverts, no plastic toys, just brilliant content for us kids! You can subscribe to have it delivered to your door every month. They deliver to every country in the world! And you can you subscribe to their digital edition, so you can read on your computer or mobile device.

Just go to storytimehub. Just go look for our Storytime Tier on Patreon. A talented snake charmer discovers that a poor merchant's house is infested with snakes.

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Fortunately, the snake charmer comes to his assistance. But can the snake charmer be trusted?! Six blind men bicker about what an elephant is. Is it a mighty giant, a snake, a spear, a tree, a fan, or an old piece of rope? Listen to how they share their experiences to learn what it is.

King Maximillian trades places with a goose herd, with disastrous consequences! The story of the Swiss hero, William Tell, who led his people to freedom by shooting an apple off his son's head! Three little pigs know that there is a ferocious ogre in the gloomy forest, but they also know that there are piles and piles of yummy acorns to eat. Their temptation gets the better of them.

Will they eat their snacks?

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Or will they become snacks? A selfish Prince is cursed to become a monster for the rest of his life, unless he learns to fall in love with a beautiful young woman he keeps prisoner. Thor, the Norse God of Thunder and Lightning, lost his hammer! No matter how much he roared and raged, he could not get it back, until clever, crafty Loki came to his rescue The crocodile is powerful, vicious and cruel! But he is no match for the crafty little Mouse Deer!

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In this famous tale by Rudyard Kipling, we learn how the camel got his humph, I mean hump! A Native American legend about a grumpy chief with very tender feet! A kind farmer rescues a trapped tiger. The poor farmer finds help from a crafty jackal.

Poor Old Wali Dad is satisfied with his simple life collecting grass, until he is cursed with ever-growing wealth! Lazy Jack is a bumbling idiot. He always gets it wrong! Clever young Thirteenth outsmarts a fierce Ogre again and again and again! Brave Charlie comes to the rescue of a dragon in distress! Dorothy and her friends meet the Good Witch. Will Dorothy remain in Oz forever? Or will she finally find her way home? Charlie is a clever young girl who spends all her spare time reading about magic and monsters. Her family moves to a tumbledown house only to discover that magic and monsters are not only found in her books and imagination The four friends meet some unfriendly "Hammerhe" - armless baddies who attack them!

Also, in this episode we feature an excerpt of a podcast made by one of our listeners, 5 year old Sid! It's called, The Land of Dooples. The four friends venture into a gloomy forest, with every kind of dangerous beast imaginable!

The four friends discover a strange land, and unintentionally leave a path of destruction behind them! The four friends venture into the forest where they are attacked by an unusual foe. They asked children, parents, teachers and caregivers from around the world to share with us how they are coping with the Covid19 Pandemic — and they used this information to develop this story. They advise you to listen to Yummy tiger patreon story alongside a parent, teacher or caregiver, so you can discuss and understand it.

Please share! Dorothy and her friends make their way back to the Emerald City, and receive some Yummy tiger patreon assistance from the Winged Monkeys. Scary Episode!

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Finally, Dorothy and her friends come face to face with the Wicked Witch of the West! Dorothy and her friends set off in search of the Wicked Witch, who tries to stop them with a series of evil plans! Happy Xmas! This episode is a rebroacast of our favourite Xmas Story! Ebenezer Scrooge is a greedy, grouchy and stingy old man.

He is visited by the Christmas ghosts, who give him a chance to change his nasty ways. Dorothy and her friends finally arrive at the wonderful city of Oz! They are dazzled by the beauty of it. But the wizard is not quite what Dorothy expected Dorothy and her friends are getting close!

On their way to the Emerald City, they hear some intriguing stories about the mysterious Oz. Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion are fast asleep in the deadly Yummy tiger patreon field. With the heroism of the Tin Woodman, the cleverness of the Scarecrow, and a "little" help from others, they manage to save them.

Hours of unplugged, screen-free and educational fun every month delivered right to your doorstep. Deed by educators and child development experts, each month has a different child- tested theme and includes all materials and instructions for science and art activities plus an educational magazine with games and puzzles — hours of fun, learning and exploration!

Green Kid Crafts is the perfect way to inspire your kids to take care of the planet with science, art, and engineering projects. Plus, kids LOVE getting mail! This is truly the gift that keeps on giving once the holiday season is over and the other toys are left to collect dust. Dorothy and her companions tackle a raging river, lose the Scarecrow, and then, as if that was not enough, walk through a field of beautiful but deadly flowers!

Dorothy and her companions travel through the gloomy Yummy tiger patreon.

Yummy tiger patreon

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