Where does toriel go

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The Ruins are the first area you will encounter in Undertale after you have woken up from your fall to the Underground. Once you leave this room via the path and door to the right you will see a single flower in a spot of light. Talk to him and he will explain how combat works in this game. After a brief introduction, your screen will switch to what you'll come to know as the combat screen.

This features whoever you're fighting in the middle above a white box with a red love heart inside. Below this, you can see your level and HP. Flowey will drop what he calls "friendliness pellets" and tells you to move your heart into them. Do so and you'll discover they actually cause you damage and this little flower is trying to kill you. This introduces you to the 'bullet hell' portions of the game where in a normal situation you would need to dodge the white parts inside the box - but for now, you Where does toriel go no choice but to succumb.

Toriel will explain she is the caretaker of these ruins and often comes by to check if humans have fallen. You are apparently the first human in a long time and she offers you to guide you through the ruins. You don't really have a choice, so follow Toriel to learn the basics of how Undertale works. The next room is a large purple space with a shining light before the stairs.

These light points are save points, so save now before following Toriel up the stairs and through the exit. There are s on the walls which give you hints but for now she has marked the switches you'll need to activate, so follow her and activate the switches she has marked with yellow to clear your path. The next room has a dummy in it, which she wants you to use for combat practice. Toriel wants you to practice striking up a conversation with the dummy to by time until she can intercept, like she will to protect you against monsters while you are in her care.

Talkng to the dummy will trigger another fight like with Flowey, but this time you have more options.

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Chose 'Act', then 'Dummy', then 'Talk' to do as she says. This is essentially a tutorial for how to try to achieve a pacifist run and will end the encounter and follow Toriel north into the next room.

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While following Toriel now you'll experience random encounters. Choose 'Act' and whatever option you like as Toriel will come and Where does toriel go at them until they leave while she is close by. The next room contains another puzzle but once there, Toriel will decide it's probably a bit much for you and complete it herself, safely leading you across the spikes.

Then she will present you with the challenge of walking across the Where does toriel go by yourself. Don't worry despite the intense music, simply walk to the right to the end - nothing will happen and she will reappear and apologise and inform you she needs to go for a while. As soon as you move on from this room, you'll get a phone call from Toriel trying to guilt you into staying put. Ignore that and talk to the Froggit for some handy tips as well as use the save point. From here you will encounter more random enemies and you won't be able to have Toriel come frown at them to save you.

As this is a Pacifist Walkthrough you will need to make sure you don't kill any of the enemies - only defeat them by 'act' or run away. Make your way into the northern room where you'll find a candy jar on a podium. It will say 'take one, please' but you can take up to four, then exit the same way you came in. Head down and then right into the next area. You'll walk across a dark patch of ground which will drop you into another room - continue through the door to the right to reappear on the other side of the dark patch in the room.

Toriel will phone you again in the next section and ask you for your preference between Cinnamon or Butterscotch, choose whichever you like. She'll call again to make sure you don't dislike the other option. A grey rock is in the middle of this room, push it to the grey square to dispell the spikes and continue. Now you'll come across a room full of the dark patches that let you fall through the floor.

If you do so you'll come to a room full of leaves. Everywhere the leaves aren't is the path you need to take in the room above - go back through the door to come out at the room and take this path to move forward. The next room has three slideable rocks, one rock will need you to talk to it multiple times before it will go onto the grey panel and allow you passage past the spikes. Now you'll come across a sleeping ghost. This is sort of a boss battle as it's unavoidable but it isn't too difficult. Talk to the ghost and choose to move it with force to start the battle with Napstablook.

Napstablook's attacks are in the form of tears. For his first tears which are wiggly and drop straight down, stay to the lower section to give yourself plenty of time to dodge them. The more rounded tears are best avoided by staying near the centre of the square. The small web will give you the option to leave 7G in return for a Spider Donut which heals 12 HP - make the exchange and make sure to hold onto this item.

Now go back out and exit north where three Froggit will give you some tips and Toriel will call you to explain that there are items you can pick up and carry, but your inventory is limited. Now we come to a bunch of pillars with switches. Try to make note of where the switches are located because the following sections are the same room on different angles which means the switches are hidden behind pillars. Now you can move past the spikes to the next room - in here you want the red switch which is visible next to the last pillar.

Proceed to the next section which branches. Walk all the way to the right to come to a door with a Froggit. Inside this room, you can find a Toy Knife which is a weapon that does 3 damage. Head back to the branching room and exit north where you'll reunite with Toriel who will take you to her home. Use the save point out the front before following her inside. Go inside and Toriel will talk about you living here and show you to your room.

Interact with the bed to sleep, when you wake up there'll be a slice of pie waiting for you, which will restore all your health - take it and head out of the room.

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You can explore her house freely but there's nothing, in particular, you need to look at. Once you're ready, head left from your room to the living room and talk to Toriel. She will ignore your pleas, but you need to keep choosing the option telling her you want to leave the ruins. Eventually, this will cause her to leave. Go back out the front to save your game, then head down the stairs the main entrance to follow Toriel.

In the basement corridor you'll meet Toriel who'll say she's going to destroy the exit so that you stay safe. Keep following her and she will choose to battle you to prove you are not ready to leave. This boss fight is may take a while as the only option you can choose to win passively is to 'Spare' her.

Keep doing so and eventually, she will give up. The good news is Toriel doesn't want to hurt you. If your health is low her attacks will become less accurate. After constantly sparing her instead of attacking she'll start talking to you. Keep sparing her and she will let you pass. Go through the doors, up the long corridor and you'll meet Flowey again.

He will confirm whether or not you have killed anyone and taunt you. Exit the large doors and you'll move onto the next area. Undertale Wiki Guide. Last Edited: 15 Oct am. Was this guide helpful? YES NO. In This Wiki Guide. Undertale is a traditional role-playing game where no one has to get hurt. Fighting is wholly unnecessary: negotiate your way out of danger using the unique battle system.

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Presented by Far Cry 6. Table of Contents. JPG Whimsun. This enemy's name is Yellow so you can use Mercy on them immediately. Alternatively choose: Act, Console, and it will run away. JPG Moldsmal. JPG Froggit. JPG Migosp. JPG Vegetoid. Talk to Vegetoid about 'Dinner'. His next attack will see vegies fall from the sky. You need to grab a green one before you can spare him. JPG Loox.

Where does toriel go

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