What is a double dutch rudder

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As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you have been placed in read-only mode. Having someone complete the act of masturbation by pulling up and down on the forearm, while the male holds his own penis. Meaning of Dutch rudder and Definition of Dutch rudder. To grab your schwanz and have some tool grab your forearm and move it up and down, like hes steering the dick boat into orgasm harbor. When a man masturbatesand another person grabs his arm and makes him do the motion.

Its sort of like a cross between masturbation and a handjob. He is still holding on, but the other person is still moving your arm. Noun - Halfway between masturbation and a handjob.

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When you have someone grab your arm and jack you off with your hand, instead of being gay. When you hold your dick with your own hand and someone moves your arm, effectively jacking you off.

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When a guy jerks another guy off by moving the guys arm while he technically does the grab holding. A move created so guys can jerk each other off without feeling gay. I was worried that was a gay maneuver, but now I feel better that you assured me it wasn't.

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Like [a Dutch Oven ], [only you] lift the blankets sightly under their chin while raising then lowering your legs. The fart rushes out - directly into the face of the [joyous] receipient. All rights reserved.

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Looks like your connection to Define Dictionary Meaning was lost, please wait while we try to reconnect. Register. Dutch rudder This topic has been deleted. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. So your saying that if I do the Dutch rudder with another guy I'm not gay? Reply Reply as topic. What is Define Dictionary Meaning?

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Define Dictionary Meaning is an easy to use platform where anyone can create and share short informal definition of any word. Best thing is, its free and you can even contribute without creating an. This shows you usage and meanings of Dutch rudder around the world. Similar Words. No one has replied. Popular Words. Recently added words.

What is a double dutch rudder

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