What does a dick taste like

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If you'd like to learn what this place is all about, head here. Essential support for under 25s. Crisis Messenger. Discussion Dick smell and taste. Welcome to The Mix discussion boards! Anyone is welcome to. up here. if you need support urgently. Girls, what does a penis smell and taste like? What food is it most like, and what smell does it smell like?

What about cum? Do you like the smell and taste? Can you smell shit when you give a blow job? June It doesn't taste like a food or anything, it has it's own unique feel and taste. And no, I can't smell shit when I give my bf a BJ - because he's clean. Is it a nice taste?

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Can you smell or taste piss down there? Originally posted by LikeAStone Is it a nice taste? It can smell a bit like salt and vinagar flavour crisps! Or have I just been unlucky? Originally posted by Lilangel i don't think a dick tastes too different from normal skin If i'm really horny then i love the taste of a guys dick.

If im not that horny then i don't mind it. I like the taste of precum but not actual cum. The guys i have given bj's to have always smelt good too so guess i have been lucky.

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November Originally posted by sxymickie69 j well wer do i start Originally posted by littlemissy Dude. Why do people find it so hard to read each forums rules. Is it really that hard :rolleyes:. How confusing. In or Register to comment.

What does a dick taste like

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