Wendy dragon force form

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Fairy Tail as Franmalth mentions that they do not have the capabilities of defeating their curses. Franmalth shouts at them that the era of mages will come to an end.

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Happy mentions that all the magic across the continent will disappear. Lucy asks Horologium to which it mentions that they have less than 10 minutes left. She notices that the place she stands in has cool area to which a insect begins to crawl up her leg. She goes for an elemental attack and a physical ability rise. He attacks with Tenga Goken, these names are of the five very famous historical Japanese swords.

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Ezel tells her that there is only five minutes left until it activates. He mentions that this Eternano will be their end.

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Their curses will reign supreme. Carla silently mentions the air to which Wendy realises that the air there is surrounded by thick Eternano to which if she sucked it in, she would gain the power. She does so and out of nowhere Wendy quickly blows a large amount of air out just like her Road to which Wendy notices a different Wendy. It seems that she has obtained her Dragon Force! Fairy Tail ends here. I see that her arms have change and something grow out of them.

I hope is some kind of a weapon. Like Like. Yeah Wendy is getting really powerful, do you remember the first time we saw Wendy? She came into the guild and was shy, she had these things on her shoulders and ankles. They look very similar to the current things she has on her hands and back.

Hopefully her Imperial Wrath will be crazy! Wendy dragon force form thanks for pointing out those things on her hands, I guess I have realy take them seriously until now. Double chapters at once!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, yah, I wonder if those things on her back can be used for flight. I min the whole atmosphere is her whole play ground. Excuse me Mr. Mabritish, but has there been an actuall term for those modes? I wonder why? Did he kill or eat Sting? Or was it Sting at all?

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I guess Future Rogue was quite a fearsome opponent and Natsu just barely defeated him. Sorry if I talked too much about an old topic though. Well, the Anime ended after Natsu single-handed defeated Sting and Rouge. Just 1 more post sorry for the Change of wallpapers I thought Gray and Lucy looked better for a profile Gray and lucy love picture that is!!!!!

Okay now i understand what the question means Ehh hmmmmmmmmm Basically its a tease to gray i see lol………………….

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Oh sorry then i mistook what you said lol my fault well actually not really haha same ice maker magic but you nkow what gray might possibly be a demon slayer. But since we dont know much of gray then we still have to wait and see if he does get new magic or if he has a power dormant in him you never know he could jsut release that magic power haha.

So yeah as far as i know mabritish nah i havent seen gray with any new power although he did use one ability before during the grand magic games when fighting rufus. I believe the name of the new technique he used was Ice Unlimited it was a pretty cool ice move. As far as that thats all i Know as to how far his ice-maker magic can go So yeah jsut keep replying to my mkessages haha ttyl mabritish!

But yeah I just think fairytail should continue till its over And yeah i cant wait for this weekends new chapters coming out. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google. You are commenting using your Twitter .

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Kisuke Urahara March 22, at am Excuse me Mr. Sorry if I talked too much about an old topic though Like Like. Kisuke Urahara March 25, at am Ah? Okay now i understand what the question means Ehh hmmmmmmmmm Basically its a tease to gray i see lol………………… Like Like. What do you think? Cancel comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. required Address never made public. Name required. Loading Comments Required Name Required Website. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by .

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