Wearing sisters swimsuit

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You must be logged in to post wall comments or like a story. Please or up free. In Up. We currently have stories with more being added every day. My parents and I went on vacation for spring break a few weeks ago, down to Arizona. We had a small two bedroom cabin on a lake, that was just barely warm enough to swim in. The lake was good size with cabins spread around, a good distance from each other, so if you didn't want to see the people next door you didn't have to.

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The first full day we were there, I was watching tv, and my parents asked if I wanted to go out and go swimming. I said sure, that's practically the reason I came along. So I head into my parents room, where our swim bag is, and start digging for my swimsuit. After about 30 seconds I yell to my mom, and ask if she'd already gotten my swim trunks out, she hadn't.

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All that was in the bag was my mom's swimsuit, my sister's swimsuit she's on spring break with college friends and a bunch of towels. My dad was already, ready to go, and my mom came in and looked through and didn't find mine either. I had tossed my swim trunks into the pile of stuff on the couch before we left, but I guess it had been left behind. After a few minutes my parents were ready to head out, and I was standing there, 'what am I supposed to do for a week without my swimsuit? We're at a lake!

It was eighty five degrees and sunny I couldn't just waste a day inside, maybe my sister's swimsuit wouldn't be so bad, she's just two or three inches shorter than me, and its red and black so its not too girly. I went back to the swim bag, took out the swimsuit and pulled Wearing sisters swimsuit my shirt and underwear.

Stepping into this one piece swimsuit for the first time, my cock twitched as I pulled it up and put my arms through the straps. As I walked into the bathroom to see how bad I looked, my cock kept getting harder and harder, until I was completely hard, poking a tent out of the swimsuit. There was something taboo about wearing a girls swimsuit that just got me going, I looked in the mirror, and felt hornier than I have Wearing sisters swimsuit. I pulled my cock out of the side, and started working it, just staring at myself in the mirror the whole time.

As my orgasm began to build I was running my hands over the swimsuit, and my butt, taking in the whole experience. Then with earth shattering power I came, squirting cum all over the counter, sink, and even a little on the mirror. As I came down from the high, I cleaned up, and debated about what to do next Let me know if you want to hear the rest of what happened.

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Wearing sisters swimsuit

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My son wears his sister's bikini bottoms!