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In. The Velocity of Gary Hide Spoilers. Was this review helpful? Gary Thomas Jane is a young street hustler living day to day. His life becomes very complicated when he falls in love with Valentino Vincent D'Onofrioan actor in porn movies that seems to have a following made up of life's castaways. Valentino has baggage in the form of free-spirited waitress Mary Carmen Salma Hayek Their living consequence is precarious to say the least; then Valentino tests HIV-positive.

Gary must make a life altering decision concerning his future with the now pregnant Mary. D'Onofrio is outstanding and Miss Hayek is too beautiful to be true A grim movie with comedic elements, but smothered with strong sexual content. Boyo-2 15 November I found the movie to be great at times and despite a couple of awkward scenes, enjoyed it very much. The actors are all terrific, especially Thomas Jane. I also enjoyed the drag queen lip-synching along to Patsy Cline and the Halloween parade scenes.

I have thought about this movie fondly ever since seeing it - its not like any other movie I've seen lately Vincent d onofrio gay I appreciate it for that, too. Although I didn't love it myself, I wouldn't call it the worst movie ever made. I'd actually give it about a 6 which basically means I neither loved it nor hated it. I really liked the premise and I sure felt the poignancy but did not really love how the movie played out in general.

In case someone is reading this who has no idea what it is about and does not mind major spoilers, I will say only that it concerns three individuals in the sex industry, Valentino, Mary Carmen and Gary. Valentino is bi sexual and having a relationship with both characters and they become a sort of little family, particularly when one of the characters becomes very ill with something that appears to be Aids though the word is never really used.

First the good.

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The performances ranged from good to outstanding with Salma Hayak being the scene stealer. Although the main characters are in the sex industry this movie's major focus is not sex, although some of that is certainly present. It is more about how the characters' relate to each other and the interaction between Mary Carmen and Gary is pretty interesting and for people who like to analyze human behavior in movies, there will be a lot to analyze here.

And then there's the poignancy itself. I was very moved by the story. It was very sad and the performers do a very good job in portraying the range of emotions their characters are feeling. I really felt a Vincent d onofrio gay was well done and really don't think this film deserves a below average rating. Now the negatives. I felt the way the movie played was just to arty in tone. It didn't need to be because the story was there.

It took away from the story though. There was a lot from the imagery to the individual scenes themselves that just reeked of an arty experimental quality that was distracting and took away from the movie. I also felt that there was just to much squabbling between Gary and Mary Carmen and frankly, the movie just wasn't very enjoyable to watch as a whole.

The whole subplot with the dog disappearing and his journey and re appearance I didn't feel added much. I felt the strength of the film was the human element to the characters, the clear feelings of both love and anger that were so apparent-not much difference from many real life relationships. But I think I would have liked it more, if it had toned down some of the arty aspects and some of the stuff mentioned. I would neither recommend this movie or not recommend it.

I liked the premise and appreciated the movie even if it isn't one of my favorites. My rating's a perfect 6. How could a person who is supposedly totally deaf, with any degree of accuracy, lip sync to a record playing on a juke box? Why on earth would a person running a dance school feature a porn star as a guest performer in a recital featuring pre-teen children, especially since he is playing Prince Charming, the character he had played in one of his X-rated movies?

Why would a porn film aimed at a straight male audience have a poster that features a huge close up of the male star and not a revealing picture of the leading lady? Why does any of this matter? Gary of the title Thomas Jane is an inarticulate bumpkin from the Midwest whose new life in New York has reduced him to selling his blood.

He meets Valentino Vincent D'Onofrioa semi-famous, now apparently retired, bisexual porn actor, who molests him on the street after having known Gary for maybe two minutes. He immediately gets Gary a job on a phone sex line and is rewarded with some deep tongue kissing between the two which proves to be the only sex that happens in the film, despite a video box that features XXX in great big graphics.

Gary has to share Valentino with Mary Carmen a way-over-the-top Salma Hayekwho is almost pathologically jealous. Just why both Gary and Mary Carmen are so insanely possessive of Valentino remains unclear. But it must have something to do with his skills as a porn star, because otherwise Valentino comes off as an exceedingly shallow, rather stupid, self-absorbed and self-destructive jerk.

D'Onofrio, who has made a career of playing oddball, often repulsive, and usually aloof though usually interesting characters, brings no charm to Valentino whatsoever. He is not just a loser, he is probably even a bigger loser than Gary or Mary Carmen. Despite the title, the film never gains any momentum and succeeds in going nowhere fast.

Velocity is meaningless if not combined with a direction, something sorely missing here. B24 3 August But it's a close call. There is, of course, no plot to contend with, and very little continuity in the development of character.

The most interesting aspect is that character exposition -- as opposed to development -- is established quickly and maintained Vincent d onofrio gay. In other words, one annoyingly and mind-numbingly two-dimensional character after another. Sketches rather than full figures. New York City once again becomes more important than any story taking place there. Each new face is no more than a caricature. Each scene repeats the one, or extends it ad nauseam.

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The death of Valentino takes longer on film than it would in real life, or so it seems. Just when the unsuspecting viewer thinks this dull shadow of an object of desire has breathed his last, the film editor cuts to a putative later scene in which Valentino is painted a bit whiter and hooked up to another tube. Surely the longest and least edifying death throes ever, rather like those parodies of final moments conjured up by Hollywood comedians of an earlier age. But don't take my word for it. Watch this thing from beginning to end if you can bear it, and try to think of something generous to say about it.

There's just got to be something -- anything. Threeway goes No where ApolloBoy 3 January And why does she put up with Gary? What does the Velocity of Gary mean anyway? A slice of life?

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More likely you will find this trite film a seedy half-baked poetic play of a threeway without a background, cause or reason for us to care about these characters instead we are force fed fancy playwright words written solely for a pat ending we've seen a million times. And better. Montage of Gary n. Next up, Gary nhrn reluctantly comes to the aid of a young drag queen whose straight off the bus from one of the square states swinging her suitcase and grinning as if she's just landed in the Greenwich Village of the musical "Wonderful Town" not the real-life scaresville of today and is promptly set upon by gay bashers.

Suffice it to say, the kid learns that interesting people do indeed live on Christopher Street. Unfortunately, this collection of downtown losers is of far more interest to themselves than us.

Vincent d onofrio gay

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