Usher naked pic

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What did he think that emoji was covering? Forget falling in love, as the lyrics to one of Usher 's hit lyric's go: the DJ's got us falling down laughing about his new nude. The "Yeah" singer decided to get cheeky on his Snapchat on Thursday by posting a story from his in-home steam room.

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Well well well Usher - what do we have here? The problem is the emoji doesn't cover all of Usher's nether regions and let's be honest, if one emoji could cover them, he wouldn't be posting a naked picture on the internet.

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The singer continued to post other photos after his time in the steam room without noticing that Twitter where he informed people he was " having a li'l fun on Snapchat " was losing their collective minds. The TV scorecard: What's returning and what's not?

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So Usher just became relevant again. Was Usher simply clumsy with his emoji coverage? Maybe not.

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In between inviting his social media followers to him on Snapchat, Usher has been posting photos of himself in the studio preparing his next album. A little peek at little Usher isn't a bad way to get his name in the headlines before his new stuff hits iTunes.

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Close Ad. Live TV. New This Month. More TV Picks.

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Megan Vick April 28,p.

Usher naked pic

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Usher shocks fans with fully NAKED picture on Twitter