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This entire series is a Crowning Series of Funny. Therefore, there are a lot of moments to choose from.

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You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. One notable instance is where one of Danny's curses is " Bob Saget! While eating at a friend's house: Friend: Does it taste all right? Danny: It's pretty good. Woman: Watch your mouth! Son: Dad, there's nothing to eat for breakfast. Danny: There's some cereal right here. Son: Oh, that's Total. I don't really like that. Danny: Death Glare Don't talk shit about Total! Danny: I'd like to meet the motherfucker who named it Fashion Bug and shove a broom up his ass! Danny's son: pointing downwards in Danny's direction Dad, there's some Tourettes guy shower stuff on the floor.

Danny: Yes. I bought your Colgate toothpaste. The one with tartar control. Operator: Sir? Operator: Sir, hold on one moment. Not that Sting piece of shit! Danny bobs his head to the music and then pauses Sting: Every breath you take The operator hangs up. Danny: My son bought home some cases of pickles from the cannery.

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I was wondering if I could store them at your place. Neighbor: What? Well, how many pickles are you talking about? Neighbor: Thirty cases of pickles?! You want me to I-I don't know, my house is gonna smell like pickles.

Danny: Shit! Ah, shit! What's all the damn noise?!

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Danny: Sounds like Chewbacca taking a shit! Danny: Yes, it does! Danny: Aw, fuck you! You're grounded! Danny: 'Cause you don't think the garbage disposal sounds like Chewbacca taking a shit, that's why! Now Go to Your Room! Danny: What'd I tell you about saying that?!

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Shirlena : calling from the kitchen Danny, what do you want for breakfast? Danny : in a pleasant, conservative tone of voice Bacon and eggs, dear. Shirlena : Beat Danny: I have to live in this hellhole! All you ever do is stay at home, and play with your tits, and look at your ass at the same time! Shirlena throws a bowl of cereal at him. Danny: No! Danny: NO! A guy who was sleeping next to Danny the whole time wakes up, takes off his sunglasses, and gives him a rather unfriendly look.

They then just sit and glare at each other. Janitor: Did you shit in the fuckin' toilet?! Did you shit in the fuckin' toilet and put all the toilet paper in there?! Jump Cut. Danny: Beat That was a good shit. You spilled all the fuckin' water! Janitor: Then you threw toilet paper, Tourettes guy shower You got a damn like Danny: You're a bitch! Janitor: You wanna see a dick? You wanna see a big black dick?! Janitor: Shit like a horse.

You got a horse ass on you. Shit like a fuckin' horse. Danny I don't give a shit about Kentucky D-! Although this could be misheard as "I don't give a shit about your tiny d-! Danny : I want two cheeseburgers Cashier : Okay sir, that's two cheeseburgers with pickles and ketchup. Will there be anything else? Danny : I want a biggy fries Danny: while swaying around with Tourettes guy shower beer in his hand We're gonna be out of the butt Danny : Oh, piss!

Sorry, this fucking phone just hit me in the goddamn balls I'm sorry, I got fucked. Danny: looking at his presents Where'd you get all this shit? Danny's Son: We got it from Amazon. Beat Danny: Is that that big black woman you work with? Danny's Son: No, Dad!

Beat Danny: Never heard of her.

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Tourettes guy shower

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