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Last season, the former Sons of Anarchy star was pretty much a bland character. Theo rossi gay first, I assumed that Comanche wanted his friend to be in charge, and then when it is revealed that he was a snitch, I thought that was that. Shades: Inside was inside.

Lack of human interaction. Lack of trust. We did what we had to do to keep from going crazy. Shades: Life inside is inside. Prison has its own set of rules that no one in the outside world would ever understand. Comanche: Come on, man. This was huge. Men see each other as family, where women are accessories of power. The Comanche and Shades romance was an update of those tropes done in a way that brings dignity to them both.

Also, the two of them do have a genuine friendship and love for each other. Not his love for Comanche, but the blindness it gave him and how Comanche manipulated that. Am I said he is dead? But is it a nuanced portrayal of two gay men of color in the criminal world?

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That they can be badass gangsters, without being hung up on their sexuality, they can love their partners, but still, stand by the code of the streets. Want more stories like this? Become a subscriber and support the site! Have a tip we should know? Team Zutara forever. Comanche: We are more than that. Or did you forget that shit, too?

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I wanted to. You did, too. Inside, outside; I am who I am, B. Shades: What do you want me to say?

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Shades: I would die for you, Che. But it is what it is. What did you guys think of this storyline in the show? Follow The Mary Sue: Twitter. Princess Weekes - Assistant Editor. Twitter .

Theo rossi gay

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Theo Rossi of Sons of Anarchy gets married/about to have a kid