Telephone bar pattaya

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There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. Forum Rules. My Replies My Profile. Pattaya Forum Telephone Bar. Something different Thread: Telephone Bar. Telephone Bar. Check out the hotties there sometime. They get zero day time custom and you will appreciate the attention. Reply With Quote.

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The curtains look expensive. Does the bar double as a time machine as well? Do they do Guinness? Happy hour??

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The Cat. Looks a lot bigger on the inside. The Tour Guide. Hot or not? That will be my girlfriend and I showing these 4 American soldiers around tonight. I thought about greening Papillion for a second.

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Glad to say it has passed. Not sure the 4 buddies will enjoy their pictures whacked up on the internet as whorehouse trawlers Originally Posted by impact. Black diamonds?

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I shit 'em. Shit forgot why I really posted!!!!! Is this pic from inside the telephone box bit or is it actually in the bar proper???? Originally Posted by taxexile. Originally Posted by The Cat. Every bar has hostesses of different quality and quantity and lets face it we mostly go to these places for a laugh and banter with the girls.

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What are the barlady drink prices and I will tell you how successful the place will be. You have been here a long time loy toy, would you consider opening up a girlie bar? Pretty sure I wouldn't unless some new perverted sex act came into fashion.

I think both you and I have already seen, probably indulged in every perverted sex act possible within reason and if we did invent something new that made money it would be copied before we could say slipadicktome. Its Impossible to find! Not rocket science, is it? I think I have been this place. Frequented by the French so the girls probably have to cope with all sorts of depravity.

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The time now is PM.

Telephone bar pattaya

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The Telephone Bar