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Though the studio is now defunct, Telltale Games created narratives known for having difficult choices and excellent stories in them. Though they produced games for graphic novels and TV shows, the studio also created game tie-ins like Tales From the Borderlands. It remains one of their best games and also set up the events of Borderlands 3 while enriching the lore of existing characters like Handsome Jack and the little-discussed Commandant Steele.

But not all of the characters from Tales made appearances in Borderlands 3. Whether due to choices that could leave a character alive or dead, future DLC appearances, or the writers just opting not to use the character, some fan favorites got snubbed. On the other hand, some characters faded into the wind and fans didn't lose any sleep over it.

Apart from that, however, not much else is known about Vallory. Both Sasha and Fiona basically got snubbed for Borderlands 3 while Rhys and Vaughn became central characters in the game. This is due, in part, to Fiona having disappeared into a Vault with Rhys. Fans really latched onto both Fiona and Rhys to the point that fans created Tales of borderlands fiona canon RhysxFiona ending of their own. Hugo Vasquez, despite being a jerk of a character, was voiced by the one and only Patrick Warburton.

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That said, he dies and he dies hard in Tales From the Borderlands. Shade can be a bit of a contentious character just like Claptrap. Players either love him or hate him; however, in the canon universe of Borderlandshis personality makes perfect sense as a mainstay secondary or tertiary character. Thompson stand-in that echoes back Tales of borderlands fiona T.

Baha, but with more zaniness and loneliness. Theoretically, Shade could come back in future Borderlands entries and many fans would be delighted to his crooked smile and oversized sunglasses once again. This is another character whose voice actor is more loved by fans than the character himself. That said, his actions still echo throughout the Borderlands universe and his origin story as seen in Pre-Sequel raises many questions about the true nature of the Vaults, the Pandorans, Sirens, and eridium.

Jack may also not truly be gone if Rhys still has his AI downloaded on a drive somewhere. It doesn't hurt that she's got fighting moves like Chun-Li from Street Fighter. The Gortys Project, like many things in Borderlandsstarted out as an effort to find vaults. The at the time defunct Atlas company developed her to find the Traveler but hid her parts all around the galaxy. Felix acts as a father figure for both Fiona and Sasha, teaching them the ways of thieving and scheming.

Despite some serious betrayals and the player having the option to kill him, later revelations in the game show that Felix paid for Athena to watch out for and teach Fiona. He can also help pilot Gortys at the end if the player doesn't kill him.

But the whole selfish dad archetype as a motivator for a female character is a bit played out.

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When Gearbox first unveiled the playable character FL4K for Borderlands 3some fans speculated that they were Loader Bot in disguise. Much like Gortys, Loader Bot endeared himself to fans with his no-nonsense yet sarcastic demeanor and his utter devotion to helping his friends, as well as his admiration and adoration for Gortys. Though players were happy to see his reveal after his noble sacrifice on Hyperion, Gearbox has not suggested a return for Loader Bot as of yet. Despite displaying some more endearing qualities depending on which choices the player chose, August never quite made himself an irreplaceable character in the series.

But he develops over time and can even end up piloting Gortys at the end of the game.

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This is still a fresh wound for many Borderlands franchise fans. Though Scooter existed before Tales From The Borderlandshe met his end in one of the episodes and Gearbox confirmed that he was no longer alive in Borderlands 3.

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Tales of borderlands fiona

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Tales from the Borderlands: A Telltale Games Series