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In. The Underground Comedy Movie Hide Spoilers. MartinHafer 16 February This film stars, among others, "SlapChop" Vince Offer who also wrote, edited and directed and Joey Buttafuoco--not exactly names that scream out "quality". And with such uplifting skits as "Supermodels taking a dump" it's exactly what it sounds likea guy who robs a sperm bank the "Rhymer"necrophilia with a rotting corpse, black market fetuses featuring a guy scooping what are supposed to be them out of a jarlots and lots of gay jokes, a skit about a giant phallus who is a superhero and forced abortions.

The skits are painfully unfunny such as "Batman and Rhymer"the acting not good enough to be considered amateurish and the film is crude just for the sake of being crude Apparently this film resulted in a lawsuit by "Slap Shot" Vince against the Scientologists. Frankly, I wouldn't know who to root for in this case!!! Apparently, he alleged that somehow Scientologists destroyed his reputation and sank this film. It's amazing his career could overcome this. Was this review helpful?

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A series of painfully unfunny skits that seem to go on forever and a day. Features the worst rhyming clown ever. Any most if it isn't offensive to anybody but the most prudish or politically correct. In conclusion I would't recommend this film to ANYONE, but the people who are making it their mission in life to get this in the Bottom on this site are pathetic.

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Do something notable with you lives people. My Grade: D. StevePulaski 14 October It's one thing when you're offensive to be funny, but when you are offensive just to be offensive it's not funny and overly stupid. The Underground Comedy Movie has became a recent discussion seeing as it is soon to be re-released in theaters with the same old scenes, just some redone with Lindsay Lohan and Joanna Krupa. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of "Underground"? If Lohan and Krupa are in the film and they're both pretty well known actresses, and underground refers to something lower budget and not as mainstream, does having two big namers defeat the purpose of the name.

Maybe it should be The Comedy Movie? Too generic? This movie is just skit after skit of bad jokes, lame music, poor production values, shaky camera movement, things you'll never see that don't interest me or amuse me in anyway, stock music, and a load of other things.

I laugh how in the beginning of the film they explain to you what satire is as if you've never seen a comedy before and this is your first time. I think the producers need to be explained what satire, comedy, and Supermodels taking a dump is because the title claims there is comedy, but none hits the screen. I will say that the movie had me laughing a little at the intro with "The Batman" skit, mainly "The Rhymer" stood out and the I Hate L. Though a small continuity error can be noted because of the amount of Orange Juice in the glass gets smaller before Vince takes a sip.

I can also excuse the film's low production factor and just let that be what it is. But don't tell me you didn't have a stand or tripod to put the camera on. In the Virgin Hunter skit you can clearly see the camera shaking multiple times. It gets annoying.

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A tripod goes a long way. I Hate L. Though like I said before, no skit stands out and all are forgettable, thrown together clips. It seems like Offer had intentions of making a real movie, but couldn't decide what he wanted to Supermodels taking a dump on. So he wrote down a bunch of ideas and figured that he Supermodels taking a dump mash them up together and The Underground Comedy Movie was born. I have no intentions to see the recut, especially when from the trailer it looks to be just another release of this with two bigger actresses who's roles would play a very minor role if that's the case.

Maybe Vince ran out of Shamwows and Slap Chops and needed to re-release it in theaters, but whatever the case may be this can be said; I wasn't offended by the movie, just the 93 minute running time it took from my life. Directed by: Vince Offer. It took me a long time to see this movie because I kept falling asleep during it. It's definitely the least funny thing I have ever seen. It's basically just a long string of unrelated scenes that should not exist. They tried to make another Kentucky Fried Movie but with even less comedy. It's really hard to believe that this actually got made.

How did anyone involved think this was a good idea? The funniest thing about this turd is that the fool who made it believed in it so much that he spent his Shamwow money on adding in a scene with Lindsay Lohan. He really thought that adding a d-lister to the this atrocity would make it a hit.

There's really no reason to see this because there is zero entertainment value. This is a must NOT see. A few small laughs in an otherwise terrible attempt at comedy jellyneckr 14 March Anyone who has watched Comedy Central around midnight in the past few years has probably seen for this movie. I first saw for this movie back in It looked like it could be funny, but I wasn't about to call up the on the television screen and order it without seeing the movie first.

I figured I would wait until the movie was available to rent at Blockbuster. I got home, put the disc in the DVD player, and waited for the laughs to start The laughs never came. I'd have to agree with almost every other comment on this when I say that this movie was horrible. No stars. Bitter comedy Dr.

Gore 24 May He had asked me if I knew anything about it before buying it. I had seen some for it, heard it was playing at midnight shows in L. I also heard Slash was in it and it was disgusting. So I gave him the green light. There were parts that were funny, parts that were disgusting. I just can't get over how bitter and jaded it is. This was made by a guy who must despise L. We are reminded many times in the movie that the main characters name is Vince Offer.

He's talking to mobsters and they say something like, "I'm going to make them an offer.

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If you were going to sell yourself, couldn't you be a little more cool about it? I hope he makes his peace with whatever is bugging him. That said, there were some parts that I liked. The Gay Virgin was hilarious. So were the porn reviewers. I especially liked the Japanese porn movie. Unfortunately there were a lot more sketches that fell flat. The flat sketches outweighed the funny ones. But the ending sums up the movie.

I think it was made to get back at all the people who have given him a hard time in Hollywood. There is a jab in the credits to the people behind "There's Something about Mary". Some sort of bad blood there. This was the Vince Offer attack. Will there be a "Mary" counter attack? Probably not. This infectious comedy had plenty of laughs from its midnight audience. Childish, profane, and ultimately stupid tags I'm sure the filmmakers wouldn't dispute the movie rocks the crowd.

It starts off disgusting and gets more disgusting as it goes along once the homeless lady beauty ant began, I was glad to have skipped popcorn. Vince Offer, who probably has more hubris Supermodels taking a dump talent, makes very public his fight with Something About Mary the end credits give the Farelly Brothers another slam. He should back off and let Underground Comedy Movie stand on its own.

Had there been no mention of the conflict, I wouldn't have made the connection. After all, there is only a little bit of semen in Something About Mary. In Underground Comedy, there are buckets. And I repeat, please do not see this movie! This is more than a review. This is a warning. This sets the record for the worst, most effortless comedy ever made. At least with most of the recent comedies nowadays, the gags are crude and flat, but the writers and directors put in at least some sort of effort into making them funny.

I never get tired of repeating one of my favorite mottos: Everyone thinks they can do comedy, and only 10 percent of them are right. Comedy is hard!

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This is not some genre any fool can play around with. I think it's atrocious that the filmmakers are comparing this piece of garbage to "Kentucky Fried Movie. The whole joke is that he defeats his enemies by squirting them with semen. That's it. That's the whole joke.

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This is enough to make Carrot Top roll his eyes. Another sketch involves a man having sex with a dead person in a porn movie. And in another sketch, there's a bag lady beauty contest, in which we're exposed to the horrible sights of bikini-clad middle-aged women with beer guts and stretch marks. Plus, making fun of the homeless is more sad than funny. It's a step away from mocking the mentally handicapped. The whole movie is supposed to be a satire. I think the filmmakers forgot that a key element of satire For anybody who actually enjoyed this crap, explain to me what is truthful about ANY of these gags!

Some of the sketches might've sounded funny on paper, but anybody who's taken any screen writing classes knows that if a sight gag sounds too funny on paper, it probably won't be funny on screen. If I tell someone about a big, black, muscular gay virgin, who's saving himself for the right man, he or she would probably laugh.

Supermodels taking a dump

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