Stephanie mcmahon wardrobe malfunction

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Starting off as a receptionist for the WWE, perhaps not even Vince himself could have predicted the type of impact his daughter would have on the business. Once she made her debut on-screen, it was abundantly clear that she was a natural. She would continue to climb the ranks as the years went along and now, Steph holds the future in the palm of her hands alongside her husband.

Yup, they're a power couple indeed. In this article however, we take things in a different direction. Instead of praising Stephanie for her work, charitable contributions or even for being an advocate for a plethora of women empowerment movements, we instead praise her for the fine physical assets she possesses. The only human likely opposing these pictures is her hubby, Triple H. Enjoy the article as we take a look at the finer Stephanie McMahon pictures that highlight her top attributes.

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This candid shot takes things to another level as her booty looks extra juicy in the red dress. We applaud whoever took this candid picture.

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That damn Seth Rollins seems to have a marvelous view; we wonder here at The Richestif he decided to take a peak? She started as such in serving as the girlfriend of Test. Her role was quite tame and it was initially done with the purpose to push Test. The outcome had a different result. Stephanie would be the one Stephanie mcmahon wardrobe malfunction get pushed as she would eventually turn heel ing forces with the most villainous face in the company Triple H.

For most 90s wrestling fans, when you hear the name Stephanie McMahon the first asset that likely comes to mind is those gosh darn puppies. The likes of Chris Jericho and The Rock took exception to the puppies as they dramatically increased at one point. Once she returns however, we can expect some awesome moments as she reunites with her former love interest Kurt Angle. The Monday night program is in need of a boost coming off some record low ratings and Stephanie can certainly help the cause by returning to the program sooner than later.

In the late 90s to early s, it was all about the tight shirts. During her run as the SmackDown GM, she raised her wardrobe to another level. However, once she left a couple of times to have children, those wardrobes never returned. Oh, how most of us wept!

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However, Stephanie still manages to put some zing into her outfits. Nowadays, she rocks the tightly fitted dresses on the norm. Seems like those midnight workouts are doing wonders! In the mid s she took a new backstage role as a creative writer.

During that time, her chest was out and about on the regular. It was truly a weird time for Steph back in the summer ofas she not only returned to the company wearing provocative outfits, but she also returned as a fan favorite, something that has reinforced her persona throughout her WWE career.

Her look truly helped her cause, as flirtatious Steph was a big hit with the masses. Hey Hunter, you think you can tell us what to do?

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Break it down! Speaking of puppies, her we go again with another picture. Hide your eyes, Hunter. Remember those days Stephanie mcmahon wardrobe malfunction we were young and Halloween was a day all about scaring people? Stephanie is the poster girl for this notion as you see in the picture aboveas she rocks an outstanding witch outfit. With that amount of cleavage, TV was certainly suitable for the edition of SmackDown. It was a disturbing moment that Eric Bischoff likely enjoyed, while poor Hunter was probably averting his eyes somewhere. Oh, and who can forget Trips punting those flowers.

Haha, what a moment! The couple would marry for real in October of This time, no Pedigrees or cleavage were involved, it was truly just a celebration of love. Three kids later, the power couple seems to be happier than ever, more than a decade after the wedding. Of course, this scene took place in the Attitude Era and it was Stone Cold who was behind the act. The power couple seems to be rising in power as the years roll along, looking at their current contributions it seems like they're next in line to guide the company into the future.

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Putting the inappropriateness aside for a second, it seems like the WWE is in good hands when looking at the future. Several wrestlers have stated that they have an easier time dealing with Hunter and Steph in comparison to Vince. The future of the WWE looks quite bright with these two set to take over when the time comes. Okay, back to inappropriate chest discussions!

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This natural picture is one of the very top from the list. The likes of Val Venis recall Stephanie being the only one backstage with power to hear out all the wrestlers and even always trying to aid them creatively, even if it was out of her way. It seems like that sentiment remains a constant today as rarely does anybody have anything bad to say when discussing the bosses daughter. Like come on, not even a damn bikini top. Well, that somewhat finally changed during this photoshoot as Steph rocked the bikini top along with some short shorts.

It was a welcomed sight for all, except for the pictures that included Triple H he looks angry at us for some reason. Again, whether it was her curvaceous booty or puppies, the assets were once again looking quite strong. So the question remains, which Steph asset is Hunter most proud of? By Alessandro Passalalpi Published Jun 04, Share Share Tweet Comment.

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Stephanie mcmahon wardrobe malfunction

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When Stephanie McMahon Got Exposed Due To A Major Wardrobe Malfunction On Live TV (Video)