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The first thing anyone learns about Dick Grayson upon meeting him is that he is a gigantic flirt. Since the day he could smile, Dick has always been charming and flirty, like a true showman. That always works, right? You completely understand the appeal— Kori is a gorgeous, loving badass, but it still hurts to see them together. You definitely noticed when the knife was buried in your side then ripped out, along with a large chunk of skin and lots of blood. As you lay on the cold ground, the shapes above you blur together in a black blob.

Your side burns and warm liquid oozes onto the sidewalk. You should do something. You should call someone. Call someone? Your head feels fuzzy and your body feels funny. Being stabbed should be more painful right?

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A sharp wave a pain stabs your sides, making you wince. Ouch, okay, yes this does hurt. Your arms are filled with lead. The idea of lifting them is next to impossible. They are too heavy. Have your arms always been this heavy? You slowly lift your arm, your side protesting.

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You groan in pain but manage to dig your phone out of your utility belt and call the first at the top of your starred contacts. You distantly hear another voice in the background.

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Where are you? Is it tall? There was something going on tonight. There was a reason you decided to go on patrol. Why did you decide to go on patrol? Your head feels funny. Everything feels too thick. Something is wet around you. When did you hit your hand? Your hand hits the ground again with a wet thump. More red splashes up. The ground is bleeding? No, wait. A lot. You wake up with a groan in your Starfire x reader at Titan Tower. You got stabbed, right. Your head lulls to the right and you see Dick nodding off in a chair near your bed while Kori scrolls on her phone. She looks up at the sound of your groan, her eyes flooding with relief.

What were you even distracting yourself from? Her makeup is done perfectly and Dick is wearing a nice button-down with a tie. Why are they dressed up? Oh crap. They were both very excited about their plans, which they both separately told you.

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Of course, being a good friend, you listened and got excited for them, but when it came time for the night, you slipped out on patrol before seeing Dick or Kori to avoid the ugly jealousy and hurt you knew would bubble up in your stomach.

But of course, your plan completely backfired when you called Dick in the middle of his romantic evening with Kori to save you from bleeding out. Some friend you are. He kisses back then kisses her head with a small smile before hurrying out of the room to get you some water. Kori moves, sitting next to you on the bed, stroking your Starfire x reader. You take another deep breath, a tense silence between you two. I should be asking you that. We never get alone time. You never noticed how often you interrupted, but now you wonder how long Kori has been angry about this.

He leaves the room, shutting the door behind him. You turn to face Kori as best as possible. I find it hard to believe the only person you could think of was Dick. Were your feelings that obvious? And your response is sabotage apparently. Dick is in love with you too.

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You sag into your pillows, a million contradicting thoughts racing through your head. Dick… has feelings for you? He could have anybody he wants. Even if Dick does feel the same, you can barely feel excited if it means Kori will be left heartbroken. Dick is her boyfriend!

You want to be happy. Then what the hell have you been doing with Kori?! Why have you just been leading her on?! I swear… I just… I never knew if you felt the same and I was scared to ruin our friendship so I tried to ignore my feelings… But they never went away. Instead, he slowly stands up and leaves the room, shutting the door behind him quietly.

Millions of thoughts swirl around your head. You groan, falling back against the pillows. What a mess. You eventually start wandering around the Tower, effectively avoiding Dick and Kori. Finally, you work up the courage to go talk to Kori. She deserves the truth.

You knock softly on the door. She opens the door, eyebrows slightly raised. I have been in Starfire x reader with Dick for a long time, but I never thought he felt the same so I always tried to push the feelings down.

I never meant to come between you two though, I swear. I think I realized how I felt about you when we were like… Seventeen, I think? You just got out of a long, fairly serious relationship. Believe it or not, Dick, being single is healthy. The time away from the Titans has been good for you. As you reflect on your time in Bludhaven while staring out at said city in your Black Hawk Starfire x reader at a strange hour, a familiar voice startles you. Dick grins, wrapping his arm around your shoulder in a side hug. You lean into the hug, but pull away and stand up.

Dick grins and stands, wrapping you in a tight hug. He kisses the top Starfire x reader your head, and you pull back, so you can see his face, his arms still wrapped around you. Before you left, Dick was playing with the idea of Nightwing, but given his costume, he seems to have made a decision. You heard about the new Robin. He is strong, and effective. You run your fingers through his dark hair, resting your hand against his cheek.

His eyes flicker down to your lips, his nose brushing against yours before Dick pushes forward, pressing your lips together in a gentle kiss. You grin through the kiss, especially when Dick pulls you close against his chest. I hope you enjoyed! Black Widow! Reader x Jason Todd— Request if you requested this, please message me because I have a few questions to figure out what kind of thing you would like!

Thank you for the request! I have been getting them and I will be posting them soon! Finally wrote for Nightwing. Summary: After a bad fight with Deathstroke, all Nightwing wants to do is go to his apartment and be with you. Red Hood walks over to Nightwing and hauls him to his feet with an arm pulled over his shoulder. Keep reading. I thought of the title before I thought of your superhero name and I think the pun would make Dick Grayson proud. Originally posted by vgeta-remade. You dodge the onslaught of bullets, flipping a table to use as cover then brace your feet on the table, and kick forward as hard as you can, sending the table flying into the bodyguard.

The man drops the gun with a scream, giving you the opportunity to charge him and drop your elbow on his collarbone, shattering it. He scrambles to an upright sitting position, using his feet to push him backward while nursing a broken nose. Across Bludhaven, Nightwing is taking down the distribution warehouse while you took on the main meth lab where Gange himself overlooked operations once a month.

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Together, you two were conducting the largest drug bust in Bludhaven ever, an operation which Nightwing fondly refers to as Operation Breaking Bad. You drop Gange in surprise and pain, leaving him screaming on the floor, while you hold your now bleeding shoulder and look behind you for the sniper. Another shot fires through the warehouse, just above your head.

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A warning shot. Are You Fucking Kidding Me? Disclaimer: This is NOT shipping the boys together. Nightwing rolls through his apartment window and promptly collapses onto his bed, peeling off his sweaty mask. Leave it to Bludhaven to have a gang that fights cops and vigilantes by hurling human feces at them. Then after the shit throwing gang, there was a robbery at a bank that ended with Nightwing chasing an ex-elite track athlete six blocks.

He peels the top half of his costume off, exposing his bare chest to the cool air. Just as Dick starts to doze off, he hears the barely-there creak of the window in his living room open. Tags: idkmanicantenglishmayahoelland Red Hood grimaces under his helmet at the sound of the familiar, maniacal laughter. His hands tighten into fists as his skin burns with the heat Starfire x reader a bomb and stings from the blows of a crowbar.

Keep breathing. His hands brush over one of his guns strapped to his thighs. Angst 4. This is long, so I broke it into two parts. The title comes from White Flag by Bishop Briggs. Rough sex is cool and all but you know what else is cool? Laughing during sex.

Starfire x reader

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— Dick/Kori/Darling threeway relationship