Spartacus vs game of thrones

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Game of Thrones is lone of the most beloved prestige shows in recent television history. It has amazing characterswild plot twistsand astounding production values.

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But what if there was another show that did everything GoT does, but better? In every version, it dialed the things you love about Game of Thrones up to Relish action? Love adult pleasure? Spartacus has more than almost any show on TV. Obsessed with diverse casts of characters of various backgrounds and sexual orientations?

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Spartacus has that, too. When you combine all that with sharp writing and true attitude, you have yourself a binge-worthy show. Game of Thrones may have some great fights, but there are plenty of episodes that are just concentrated on talking. Even the slower episodes featured some kind of brawl, and delivering action like that every episode is no easy feat.

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The prevalence of hooking up on Game of Thrones even spawned a new term: "sexposition. Spartacus doesn't use unclothed people as info-delivery devices. It does use adult pleasure as part of the plot.

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Ilithyia, for example, was a noblewoman who hated Spartacus and frequently deployed hooking up for the purposes of blackmail. Spartacushowever, follows the real people who rebelled against Rome. The characters' fates are for the most part the same as their real-life counterparts, which makes for some riveting TV. Did you enjoy it when Game of Thrones deviated from the books and gave fans a brutal fight between Brienne of Tarth and the Hound?

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Spartacus has you covered. Since the characters are all gladiators, at one point or another, everyone gets to have a turn fighting everybody else.

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The Action Never Lets Up. It Has Plenty Of Battles.

Spartacus vs game of thrones

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Spartacus vs Game of Thrones