Solo cup prank

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During my freshman year, the senior prank was to remove the s and names off ALL of the doors in the school on the first day of school. Nobody knew where they were going, and most of the teachers played along with it. At my school, they carried a teacher's hatchback up onto the second floor balcony. And also took all the wheel nuts off the rest of the teachers cars, put them in a jar, mixed em up, ad left the jar on the principles desk.

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For mine, pigs and chickens were released into the 2nd floor hallways. Shit was everywhere. One of the teachers in my highschool had graduated there. He said him and his class spent all 3 years there getting drunk on cans of beer, and saving the tabs on every can.

Then Solo cup prank their senior prank they got a small probably dead pine tree, stripped all the needles off, and covered the branches in beer can tabs. Then cemented it in one of those giant tractor tires on the front steps of the school so it was really hard to remove. In my school we were told any pranks would lead to the entire class not graduating. We will then knock them over and they have to clean up.

We can pretend to be bamboozled if that's what they are into. I don't understand how this is a prank. You just made a huge mess that you had to clean up yourselves while wasting everyones money in the process. That being said I did kind of the same thing but with only about 6 or 7 of my friends. It was less of a cups thing, we only had like cups or something like that, and more of a break into the school at night drunk with masks on and fuck with everything.

Threw shit in the pool, made mountain of chairs and tables, hid opened milk cartons in the ceiling tiles of administrators. The last one kind of backfired because the dumb asses couldn't find where the smell was coming from and we couldn't tell them where because we denied the whole thing. This "prank" has always been retarded. It is far quicker to clean Solo cup prank than to set up. Grab a bucket, throw the cups into it.

If you do a room like this, it will take you half an hour to set up and about 2 minutes to clean up. Way to go, guys.

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The art teacher actually used the cups to make a sculpture out of them. If we were, it would have meant not walking at graduation and no celebration week for any seniors. But they didn't realize we also meant we'd do the white cups, so they originally said we would not have to clean it up.

AFTER it was set up, they were pretty ticked off, and said it would be a prank against the janitors.

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We were all pretty upset, but decided to help the janitors out. We were good kids, and it was supposed to be a light hearted prank. Not wanting to face disciplinary action myself, ruin celebration week for all the students in my class, and ruin that janitors day, we eventually had no problem doing it and all together clean up took about 15 minutes.

Found the internet! My high school prank last year Sort by: best. In my school they just wrote "12" on everything.

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My school burnt an outhouse I feel so country. Continue this thread. Sounded awesome. Had to clean it up against initial promise? Prank is on you. What a waste. Way to screw over that janitor. More posts from the pics community. A place for pictures and photographs. Created Jan 25, Top posts march 25th Top posts of march, Top posts Back to Top.

Solo cup prank

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