Sokka x katara

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Originally posted by firenationroyalty. She was lounging on a chaise near the window cleaning her nails with a sharp blade. The sun was setting behind her basking her in a glowing, warm light. It made her gold eyes brighter, gold eyes that were staring intensely at her, waiting for an answer.

She flipped over and hung her head off the bed letting the blood rush to her cheeks. Azula was smirking at her. When I chose you. A door frame that was sliced with notches of where the girls—her, Azula, Ty Lee and Mai— would measure their heights when they were younger; or where Azula would stab her knife deep in the wood, for safekeepingshe would always say. She was already nearly ten and had always had a slew of private tutors. But her father had been recently promoted to Commander and it was insisted that his daughter, his progeny, had the right type of upbringing—and apparently that meant not running through the forests of Ember Island barefoot.

She not-so-fondly remembered the heavy uniform they wore, so different than Sokka x katara thin cotton pants and tunic she was used to. The Capital City was in the same climate as Ember Island, so why did they wear silk? It was so hot. You saved me.

She caught it quick as a cat-snake with one hand and brought it to her chest. She became a part of them, almost instantly. They had class together, they ate lunch together, they went back to the palace and trained together.

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Everything, together. Mai was sweet once you got past her glum exterior. Azula was, well, Azula. She was cold one minute and hot the next, literally. Her emotions changed as quickly as the weather. She might throw a fireball at your head if she was mad. By the time she started at the Royal Academy, she was able to beat her trainers regularly. Becoming friends with Azula gave her access to some of the best fighters in the Fire Nation, and even that was becoming boring. He threw a fireball at her that dissipated harmlessly where she once stood. She landed in a crouch and kicked her leg out at the back of the guards knee, it buckled and he fell.

Sokka x katara bounced to her feet and pointed the tip of her sword at the back of his neck. She saw a swatch of pale skin there which dripped with sweat. A small part of her wanted to dig her sword in and draw bright red blood.

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A slow clap echoed through the courtyard that awoke Sokka x katara from those dark thoughts. She jogged to Azula who was starting to walk away. She sheathed her sword and felt the familiar weight bounce against her hip. The left corner of her mouth tilted up in the ghost of a smile. The first being the first time she traveled to the palace when she was very young. The throne room was cold despite the summer heat outside and the fire burning around the Fire Lord.

It was dark as well, the black marble floor and columns absorbed the only light from the flames licking upward to their Master. She could feel the heat from the flames now that she was closer. Whether from nervousness or the warmth that filled her face, she began to sweat. Azula talked to the Fire Lord about her?

She stared at the black outline of his tall figure seated in his enormous chair. Now she did turn around to stare at her friend. She whipped her head back not knowing how disrespectful it was to turn your back on the Fire Lord. I want you to go with her. Sokka x katara them? The last she heard was that they were on a pointless mission to catch the Avatar.

What could they have done searching for a dead Avatar that could get them into more trouble? Azula was more excitable than ever on their walk back to their rooms. For us! This earned her a sharp look. Azula was good at that, doing and saying things that made you want to yell back. It was her favorite thing to do on purpose and had become like second nature by accident.

More than once when they were children Azula had lobbed a fireball in her direction that had singed the clothes or skin it was aimed at. She slid down the wall inside her room. Recently, it became all Azula wanted to talk about.

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Training and war meetings had become her life so suddenly. Azula was anything but informative when she spoke. When did life become this way? All about war and capturing cities and cleansing the world? She wished things were back to simpler times when the girls ran the palace wild and teased Zuko and the maids. Her stomach had been in knots since leaving the throne room.

Her and Azula were leaving. As if the steam in the room was steeping her memories like tea leaves she thought of what this mission was supposed to entail. Things that happened around the palace and behind closed doors were usually hidden from her unless she heard gossip from the servants or occasionally, Azula. What did Iroh do to betray the Fire Nation? And what did Zuko do that was even worse than his banishment? None of that matters, she told herself.

Sokka x katara

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