Skyrim horse vagina mod

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Tag this mod. Forum thread. Comments locked The author has locked this comment topic for the time being. Why is the horse textures so bad? If you can't do it, could you give me a quick guide on editing your texture with a HD horse texture replacer? Gary3 member 85 posts 29 kudos. Hi, the textures are already customized textures from other in my opinion very good mods, see the description for details.

With appropriate credits also in description and the single files package the textures can be edited like with any other Skyrim mod. The standard texture layout has been kept but additional space in the layout is used for the other parts which need to be adjusted for different textures, but it will become really clear if you look at one of them. The process may be time consuming nonetheless. If you a customization, please respect the credits and rights of the other modders involved giving links to them and to this mod. I'd endorse this but it says I can't since I haven't download it.

Yet I use this mod in my Skyrim. I'm a stickler for realism in my games and ly, knowing all the animals were anatomically incorrect kinda' ruined the immersion for me. Hard to pretend you're riding a real horse when you know there isn't anything Skyrim horse vagina mod there. Personally, I'm really glad you made this mod.

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I just wish it applied to all the animals in Skyrim which would realistically have obvious genitalia. Obviously, mudcrabs with wangs would be taking it a bit far, but wolves and such would be nice. BlackPuma member 62 posts 13 kudos. This mod is perfect if you care for a more realistic experience. When you're around real animals you're bound to get in a ''Oh wow, geez, stop flaunting your butt at me. And that's exactly what's missing in Skyrim. They're little more than mobs to kill for levelling up. For wildlife to be wildlife they need to make your the least bit uncomfortable.

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So without sarcasm; Thank you for being bold enough to make- and share this. It has boosted my immersion. If you do put them in that context, and if therefore this mod makes you uncomfortable, that's all you. No point in harassing the author for it. Judging from your avatar, there's no mistaking why you downloaded it. Unit member 1, posts 5 kudos. There's not much to be expected from you then, "judging from your reasoning". MizterMoonshine premium posts 8 kudos. Thank you it's so hard to find realistically modelled 3D horse vaginas these days.

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I feel dirty for downloading this, but it is realistic XD. Sadly, this mod seems to have some issues with Convenient horses where it get the textures all messed up. Is there any special place to load this mod or some sort of fix you can apply? I found what's the cause of the terrible texture incompatibility. It's caused by Convenient Horses and Automatic Variants, the fix is very simple.

In Automatic Variants, make sure that it's not applying any new horse textures, of any of your selected packages, as it will mess things up pretty badly. It worked for me anyway. Thank you very much for resolving this! I'm glad I could help. Warsun99 premium posts 21 kudos.

I am pretty sure im getting a conflict with Continent horses.

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Can i get a patch please. I tested Convenient Horses and my mod and they run without problems. GirlGamer55 member posts 9 kudos. I don't know if I should make a my little pony joke or if I should praise you since this is realistic and I love realistic mods Alonguy member 15 posts 0 kudos. And why exactly would you do that?

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