Sims 4 vampire fangs

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So here is a list of new mods of teeth and lip set that will make you confused which one to choose as the variety is impressive. More body mods are listed here! This is a great collection of lipsticks that is shows the teeth slightly. The overlaying look adds more beauty to your Sim.

It comes in 15 fancy and sexy colors. These are lips that you cannot resist. The front teeth are showing slightly, which makes your female sim more attractive. It comes in 12 different colors.

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All the colors are matte and looks very stylish. This is a new version of teeth for your Sim. They are slightly vampire like teeth. They come in five different colors. This is unisex so both of your male and female can rock them. These set of teeth are very regular and still beautiful. They come in seven different variations.

It will work for teens to adults. It is unisex so feel free to make your female Sim and male Sim wear them. This unique and vampire style teeth is created by Remussirion. They come in five different versions. They are very gothic looking. If you like gothic look then you would love your Sim to rock these Vampire teeth. These teeth rather extreme. They look like alligator teeth. They come in nine different swatches.

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If you want to scare your surroundings then this is the perfect set of teeth for you. This beautiful teeth de with overlaying lips are created by Bobur3. They look very gentle and beautiful. They are perfect for teens and young adults.

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They come in four variations. These set of teeth and lips are very adorable to look at. They are perfect for a gentle look for your female sim. The front teeth are shown very slightly. These slightly vampire like set of teeth and lips are for your females. Three of them are vampire like but the other one is simple and overlaying lip teeth. The lipstick and without lipstick look, both are beautiful.

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These lips are very plump and look very fancy. They bring out the girly nature in you. They come in three variations. The lipstick colors are very matte and beautiful. These set of teeth are for your female Sim and created by Bobur3. The lip gloss colors are very peachy and glossy. They are best suited for teens. These set of teeth with lips are very accurate for pale looking skin. They come in ten variations. The front teeth slightly show. Most of the swatches are nude. Some of them are red, brown and purple. They have a matte finish look.

These lips with teeth are perfect for all type of female skin. They have nine exciting colors. All of them have a matte finish. They are good for adults. They range from red, pink, and orange shades. This set of lips and teeth are created by Bobur3 and he did a great job keeping it simple yet beautiful. They look best on teens and young adult female sims. They come in six different variations. The front teeth are kind of buck teeth. These baby lips with teeth are great for all type of skin be it pale Sims 4 vampire fangs dark in color. They come in 10 different swatches.

They are very pigmented in nature. The finish is matte and gives a soft glam look to your sim. These set of teeth with lips are unisex so both your male sim and female sim can rock them. They come in five swatches. The colors are kind of brown, reddish, and purple kind. They give out a dramatic look.

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This set of lips with teeth is created by Seleng. They give out a glossed look to your female sims. There are five colors available. They would suit pale looking female Sims. This is a very extreme looking lip and teeth set. It gives out a dramatic look. It would be good for a role-play. It could be a part of a costume too. This is another vampire teeth for your adult Sim. It would Sims 4 vampire fangs both men and women.

There is a gap in the front teeth and this creates a drama! The look is slightly spooky. This is the vampire gapped teeth look suitable for. If your kid is doing a play at school or going as a vampire during Halloween, then they can use these teeth. It will suit both male child and female. This Sims 4 vampire fangs another set of vampire teeth but for toddlers. They idea may seem rather morbid but during Halloween. Kids try all sorts of costumes and vampire teeth are the easiest way to make a costume out of nothing.

If you thought toddler vampire teeth is weird then see this, vampire teeth for kids with braces. This looks scarier than usual. They come in two different versions of gapped teeth and without gap. There are eight colored lips available. These are another set of vampire teeth for adults who wear braces. They come in eight different colored lips. There is an option of choosing gapped teeth and without gap teeth. They look very scray. These are buck teeth for the. These buck teeth comes with braces.

There is an option of to choose vampire versions or regular human version. You will also have eight swatches available. If you want to stand out then these set of teeth are for your Sim! They are buck teeth with braces for adults, both men and women. They come in eight variations. You can choose between vampire and human version. These are a set of detailed teeth for your female sim. With lipsticks and they look slightly glossed.

They will suit adult and elderly female Sim. This is a unique collection where you will see many set of teeth with lips. They come in 15 different variations. With and without braces, vampire look, yellow tinted, buck teeth, gapped version etc for your female sim. These are another set of detailed teeth and lip set where you will see a wide range of variety.

Sims 4 vampire fangs

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Vampire Fangs for kids?