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When we spoke to Shirley Manson before the start of Garbage's current tour, she was stuck in the same crummy Madison, Wis. Her tenacity is understandable. Garbage's eponymous debut sold 4 million copies. While the group hasn't exactly sparked a musical revolution, it has made an icon out of the vampy Manson, a position she seems to favor.

A: Actually, I don't even have cable.

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Can you believe that? I really have been living a peculiar life. A: I love it. Obviously the bus routine is ghastly, but getting to play every night is amazing. That compensates for some of the discomforts. A: I came into this band on face value alone.

It was the first time I had been taken as a writer, so I had a lot more confidence. We have a great chemistry, and there's no explanation for that. With members of my groups, I didn't feel like I was part of the infrastructure. A: I miss absolutely nothing. That whole dreadful debacle was a very unhappy time for me. Once you move forward, there is absolutely no point in looking back. If you're looking back on your days of yore, then you need to do something about your here-and-now, because something isn't working. A: One thing we had in our favor when we first got Shirley manson nip slip was we didn't know each other at all.

On the new record we actually have become a band, and I think that's incredibly exciting for us. Q: Working with three producers, do you get the feeling some of the songs on this album are slightly overcooked?

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A: No, because the way we work everything is centered around my vocals anyway. Nothing will stay in if it's fighting against what I'm doing melodically. I don't worry about that. A: I would say so if I thought things were getting way beyond a joke. There were definite times when the boys would just noodle around for hours.

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Days would pass and nothing would get achieved. Eventually, I was the one around Christmastime last year who said, "We have to start mixing or I'm going to kill myself.

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A: I had two big notebooks full of ideas for Shirley manson nip slip. Then we went in to make the record and we ended up not using any of them. All the words came out during sessions we were playing together and improvising. So I haven't actually analyzed them too deeply. It all just poured out of me on any given day. In retrospect, I think they're slightly confrontational and aggressive. A: A lot of the lyrics on the album work on so many levels.

They can be taken one way or another depending on what you choose to pull out of that song on any given day. No song is just one-dimensional. None of the lyrics are literal. A lot of them are metaphorical. Obviously, a lot of time you're playing with imagery, but I also love that idea of people not being necessarily what they appear on the surface. A: Duke is the one that makes me laugh. He makes me laugh every single day, all day.

He's really funny. I rely on him to lighten the atmosphere. Steve is very sensitive and understanding and kind of knows when things are problematic. Butch is very calming. A: It's never a problem. I think if you find the right people in life, it's irrelevant what sex, age or race they are. What matters is if you click with them. A: Who knows what will happen? I don't think you can afford to think that way. I think you can have worries and anxieties, but fear has to be kept at bay. Otherwise you wouldn't get out of bed every morning.

Q: Is it true you lived out of a hotel room the whole time you were making "Version 2. Top shopping picks. Shower, change, or poop in privacy with this portable pop-up shel.

Shirley manson nip slip

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