Sexy pot belly

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Guys- are girls with a little bit of stomach attractive? Go to first unread. Skip to :. Report 13 years ago Girls with flat stomachs are like DAMN!!!! Girls with a small curve like nothing really fatty at allslender kinda figure i guess you could call it are still like damn! But for me personally Girls who are a little bit fat or a bit jiggily or just plain fat are not damn at all Captain Haddock Badges: Spotty Dog Badges: Original post by Anonymous heehee i didnt mean dressing in any way slutty or anythiing Anonymous 3. Without actively sucking in I'm not convinced that anyone has a completely and totally flat stomach, we're not meant to be made up of straight lines and corners.

WelshBluebird Badges: I like a bit of a belly. Gives me more to rest on Was hard with my last gf as she really hated her stomach, but I quite liked it was kinda cute lolso when we were messing around if I wrapped Sexy pot belly hands round Sexy pot belly stomach, she'd move them elsewhere lol. Being serious though, I'd say most guys wouldn't mind.

As long as its not to the point of you being fat, then don't worry about and even then, some people would look past it. Chrrye Badges: Hmm Bruce Willis in PulpFiction had a little discussion with his girlfriend on this issue. Jizzabelle Badges: 8. If you're that concerned, get a gym membership and work on it. Don't sit around being unhappy with your body, it will just mess with your head. If you at least know you are doing something about it, you'll feel slightly more at ease with yourself. Curves are attractive, but a belly isn't in my opinion. CloudStrife Badges: 8.

If i'm being honest, flat toned stomachs are nicer. But it doesn't matter really. Girls with slight bellies are sometimes really hot! Alasdair Badges: I mean, I can live with it if there are other bits that are good, but I wouldn't go round saying 'aww, my girlfriend's so fit, she's got a beer belly' Original post by Alasdair No.

I've lost a stone and a half since Christmas and I wasn't even fat before, I'm just a lot skinnier now and my stomach still curves out a little bit. So I'm going to say guys like it - because I'm screwed if they don't!

Sexy pot belly

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