Sexiest thing a girl can do

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A short skirt and a looooooooooong jacket. Self-love and self-confidence. A girl or anyone who knows their worth is always attractive. The ability to not take herself too seriously. Guys should also not take themselves too seriously. Dimples always get me. Could be anything, gardening, painting, a sport, going to museums, collecting something, photography, etc. Kindness towards others. Nothing makes a person uglier than a holier than thou or sour attitude that is never turned off.

A personality. Being able to hold up her end of the conversation is a must.

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For me, curly hair. A good sense of humor. Friends, if they have good friend who trust her opinion, it makes me feel x more comfortable. An ex-boyfriend who speaks highly of them. Something about girls wearing glasses is attractive to me. A brain. I will never understand how people think playing stupid is attractive. The ability to laugh at herself. A beautiful laugh, one that makes the world stop for the briefest of moments.

The same interests as me, and similar enthusiasm. You geek over the same things I geek? Not needing a man. Good morals. Nice legs. Intellectual curiosity and drive will usually do it for me. A nice butt. Why the hell is everyone mentioning etiquette and interests?

Do you see that from across a room? No, but you can see a sweet booty. Everything else is nice and some of it necessary. Wait, is empathy a kink? Common sense. A sense of independence. An accent. Gotta love those Brits and Aussies, man. Passion about pretty much anything.

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Sexiest thing a girl can do

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18 Guys Share The Sexiest Things A Girl Can Do That Have Nothing To Do With Sex