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Invalid Forgot Password? Enterprise Blog Help Watch Videos. Watch videos with subtitles in your language, your videos, create your own subtitles! Russell Peters - Outsourced - part4. Language: Auto Selection English Italian. Your invitation to Dotsub was successful. There was an error inviting that user to Dotsub. But you really have You know, white folks have been very gracious, and they've opened up their borders and let the immigrants in, and they didn't ask questions. They're like "Alright, come on in, immigrants.

Don't worry about it. Thanks, thanks for coming. Have a seat. You know. It's all good. You never asked questions, and they never said "What do you want here?

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Here, you get out. They just "Come on in, come on. Sit down. And you look at the immigrants and you say "Look at all those immigrants American, how are you? Every immigrant, doesn't matter where they come from.

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They can come from Europe, from Asia, from Africa, doesn't matter. The immigrants come here and they talk shit behind the Americans' backs. And I don't like it 'cause I was born in North America, so it pisses me off. It's very irritating. You came from England, you probably said it too.

And you're a white lady. See, even white people do it. See what I mean? Every immigrant comes here, the first thing they do is say "Oh, Americans have no culture. That's the first thing My dad used to say it "The bloody Americans have no culture" I go "Dad, they have culture. They have their own thing going on Show me.

What is their culture? What is it? Show me What's their culture? White Americans, it's Russell peters hot dog fair that immigrants come here and tell you that you have no culture 'cause you do have things that are your culture. Black American culture is very distinct. You can look at it and go "That's black American culture.

But the white folks always have something to prove, and I'm here to tell you: you do have culture. And it all boils down to music, you know what I mean? When it comes down to music, you have your own thing going on.

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And it's not like we didn't enjoy your culture too. We enjoyed it, but you enjoyed it more than we did which made it your culture, which made it you. You know what I mean? White folks love certain songs that we all enjoyed, but they took it to another level White folks tend Russell peters hot dog like the songs that are like audience participation.

You know, they don't have to do a lot. We'll do that. You know "White people can't dance. It's not fair. White people can dance. You just choose to do too many dances at the same time. That's where the problems kick in, you know? You can't salsa and do the running man. It just doesn't look right, alright? But white folks generally love the audience participation songs.

We enjoyed 'em too. The Macarena. It started off as a Latino thing but then white people got a hold of it and really ran with it you know what I mean? They took it and made it theirs, you know what I mean? We all did the Macarena but white people took it to another level We went "That's a white people's dance. When they hear their music that they like, they get this joyous look in their eyes I love to see people enjoy themselves like that.

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There are certain songs. The Chicken Dance. That's the white people's song, man. You know the Chicken Dance. I like the Chicken Dance. The minute they play the Chicken Dance that's how you know the dance floor's open. The bridesmaids "Oh, my God, the Chicken Dance! You never know what's gonna happen next, you know? And then there's the song that I believe is like the white- the white people's national anthem, you know? I was walking down Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, and there was this nightclub playing this song.

And it was really loud. You could hear it on the street. And white people were walking by and driving by, and they stopped dead in their tracks to do the YMCA. White people lose their mind when they hear the YMCA.

Stopped their cars in the middle of Sunset Boulevard, got out of their car, and didn't do it half-assed, like They were like this I was like "Wow, that guy's into it. I'm doing the YMCA over here! And I saw how much joy was in their eyes. And I felt so good for the white people at that time, you know? I saw how much they were enjoying themselves, and I went "Yes, white people.

Have fun. And then I started to feel bad. Not for you, but for me and my people, and other Asian groups. Because our alphabet is not set up for songs like that. Good night. Do you want more? Russell Peters! And this is probably the last time I'm gonna do this joke, 'cause I'm retiring it after this.

No, no, no! You can have it on DVD, you cheap bastards! Now, listen, when this DVD comes out, I don't want you motherfuckers to go and it and Russell peters hot dog start download this shit for free, alright? I know how you are. Please, go and buy this. This comes out, buy this one. There's gotta be a way to make it un-able.

One of you bastards works in IT. I know you do. See that? Now, I'm gona do this right now for ya.

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Now, white folks, I hope you've enjoyed yourselves tonight so far. Now, I've talked about white people already, and I'm- but I've gotta talk to you a little bit more. Every time I see it on the news, I get really irritated. When I hear them "You shouldn't beat your children. Talk to them. That's what I'm trying to tell you. White folks, please beat your children. Your dad's a Puerto Rican, your mom's black, they must've whupped your ass for no reason sometimes, huh? Indian parents aren't afraid to kill their kids if they have to Russell peters hot dog know what I mean?

We're the second largest population in the world. Reproduction is not a big deal. My dad's theory was "If I get rid of one, I'll just make another one Then I'll tell the new one what an idiot the last one was. And I know a lot of white people don't beat them, but I don't understand why you won't beat your. Please, beat them. If you have kids, and you haven't beaten them, when you go home tonight, shit, when you turn off this DVD, I want you to go into your kid's room and "Hey, hey, buddy.

How you doing? That's good. Have it here? Uh huh, yeah?

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Just one He's already lying down, he'll sleep it off. Don't worry about it, alright? You gotta beat them, and I'll tell you why. Because white kids are now going to school with- with black kids, and brown kids, and Asian kids, and they're going to school with multi-cultural .

Russell peters hot dog

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