Rory and jess fanfiction

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This is just amazing! If only it could have been like this. A lovely slow road to reconciliation.

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Missgoalie75 gets to the heart of the Literati matter, one sentence at a time. My favourites so far: 10, 11, 21, 42! This is turning out to be a bit of a fan letter to Missgoalie Hauntingly beautiful, but so sad! His face betrays nothing of his emotions, and for once, for once in his whole life, he wishes that it would. Intense, painful and with great symbolism, but ultimately uplifting.

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Rory after she leaves Truncheon. Wonderfully symbolic. It manages to pack a punch in so few words. This is an entire saga, consisting of twelve stories so far. A lot of them are Literati-centric, but other characters are featured as well, including Logan, Dean and even Percy, the swan who beaked Jess in 3x14!

Exciting times but what comes next? The book fragments at the end of this epos melt my heart. Can Lorelai fix the mess that was Raincoats and Recipes, in between opening the inn, fighting Jason and kissing Luke? Rory and Paris get an asment from Mr.

I never realised it before now, but the end of Persuasion is very applicable to a future reunion between Rory and Jess. Occasionally, though, certain things needed to be the truth. I love their dynamic as a married couple in the second chapter.

You love him more than you ever thought you could.

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But all he ever did was hurt you. Please look past the spelling mistakes. This is one intense I seem to use that word a lot concerning Rory and Jess piece of fic. He refused to let the innocent girl of his friend to make him feel something unwanted.

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My first foray into AU Lit fic. Very different, but worth reading. I love Killer the cat! Despite the fact that it breaks her heart, she wants to be happy for him. So sad. Maybe I always thought I could come back to you when I was ready. Rising : A Family Matter… with a twist. Very emotional. I love the way she uses language. This piece has beautiful imagery and provides us with a more rational ending to 4x Source: robazizo.

See yeah-its-gilmore-girls's whole Tumblr.

Rory and jess fanfiction

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Best Rory/Jess Gilmore Girls Fanfiction (Literati)