Robin x starfire lemon

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Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans. Also remember this is a lemon, as in sex, also this contains rape, very very mild rape, nothing major I mean come on this stars Robin, he doesn't have the balls or the tenacity to rape someone.

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Also I know this story may turn down some of my old, loyal supporters, but please guys bare with me because I'll be writing better stories. And no flames please, I hate those cock sucking bitches who flame me just because I write about sex. If you don't got nothing nice to say then don't say anything. I fuckin' hate you flamers, I'll personally get my Chinese spear, Robin x starfire lemon you down, kill your ass, cremate you, piss on your ashes, drive you to hell, and get Satan to fuck you up, I'm very good friends with him. If your to stupid to make a well thought out complaint then leave me the fuck alone!

Well now that were through with the crap lets get to the action. Okay here we go, yo it's me, it's me Hyper, Sonic, Adam2 and this ladies and gents is the second installment in my ongoing trilogy of Teen titans lemons. In this one, Robin is having weird thoughts about Starfire, that seem to keep him from sleeping. So he feels he has relieve his sexual tension one way or another. But what lengths will the Boy Wonder go to. Once the five Teens Titans had gotten back to their giant T shaped tower, four of them had immediately plopped onto their beds and fell into a deep sleep, that is except for one.

A boy, formerly sidekick to one of the worlds greatest detectives, and clad in a combination of green, red, yellow, and black spandex, the boy wonder and leader of the Teen Titans, Robin was having difficulty falling asleep. Despite the fact that he was tired like you Robin x starfire lemon believe he couldn't get to sleep. He tossed and turned, thoughts of one of the two female Teen Titans clouded his mind.

The tall, orange skinned, alien girl, whom he had grown so attracted to since they became teammates in the ever-growing fight for justice. He wanted to express his feelings to her more then anything in the entire world, but he feared she wouldn't be able to understand, being that she didn't know Earthly customs, and he had a horrible feeling in the bottom of his stomach that if revealed, it would demolish their wonderful friendship. He eventually fell asleep, but didn't get into it long enough before he had a dream.

He dreamt him and Starfire were in his room, having sex, her body bouncing up and down on his stone hard dick. The dream went on for about an hour until he woke up. He looked at his bedding and found a massive wet spot between his legs. He sat on the edge of his bed and thought "sigh It's because of her I know I liked her and I've had dreams about her but I never had dreams about her like that And lately all I can think about is her butt But her body He had to go and touch, feel, rub, do anything he could to release the sexual grief he was having.

Robin thought "I know I'll just go over to her room sneak a quick peak and feel at some of the places and get out of there. She doesn't have to know, and I can sleep easily again. Everybody wins.

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Good plan. He walked as slow and as quiet as he could, hoping he wouldn't wake any of the other Titans. He finally got to Starfires room, which seemed like he walked for miles when her room was just down the hall from his. He found her lying normally with her head hanging over the edge and her feet propped up on her pillow but turned over, on her face so he had a perfect view of her wondrous ass.

He smiled and reached out to touch her but he quickly retracted his hand and thought "no, should I really be doing this. I mean she's my best friend and if she finds me doing this to her, she'd never want to be my friend again let alone ever love me in that way.

Robin was really enjoying this, since he longed to do something like this to Starfires body since he first met her. His attention soon came to other parts of her body, he moved his hand from her back to her ass. He rubbed her butt softly, then he gently squeezed her right cheek. This caused a moan to escape from Starfires throat which scared the hell out of Robin, he retreated to the floor and lied on his stomach.

He then rolled under bed knowing there would be no chance of her finding him there. His heart was pumping repeatedly, so much that he thought he was going to have the worlds biggest heart attack. He was shaking, and his teeth were chattering like crazy, not from the cold but from the fright he received. After giving himself five minutes to cool off Robin scooted out from under the bed and rose back up, relieved that Starfire hadn't woken up. He was mentally overjoyed that in Starfires pandemonium, she had turned over on her back and her legs were spread open a little bit.

Even though he wouldn't get to touch her ass, new and better possibilities were open to Robin. He placed his hand over her stomach and began to rub her soft, flat stomach. After growing bored with rubbing her stomach, He moved to her face which was limply hanging over the end of her bed, he gently stroked her cheek Robin x starfire lemon moved in to kiss her luscious, supple lips. Robin didn't care if she woke up, he loved her and he was going to tell her and show her that, yet by miracle she remained asleep.

He was walking to another side of her bed to find something else to do to her, but she spun around so her head was now on her pillow. She put her hands behind her head, giving Robin a full view of her perky breasts, and spread Robin x starfire lemon legs out more almost as if she was inviting him to play with her body. He climbed on her bed and carefully undid her neck protector-thing, and tossed it to the side.

Once he had that gone he he put his hand on her chest and slowly slid her shirt up as far as her neck, revealing her breasts to him. Robins eyes widened, her boobs were the exact size he had imagined, he was entranced by her beauty. Robin quickly shook his head and got back to his quest for satisfaction.

He moved his hands over both her breast, taking in the texture, and the feel. He gently squeezed them and ran his fingers around her nipples. Starfire moaned and cringed, despite the fact she was sleeping and wasn't conscious, the sensations Robin was providing mixed with the cold night air, were enough to get her nipples as hard as diamonds.

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Robin had a mischievous smile as he started playing with them; pinching, pulling, and twisting her nipples. Robin was loving every minute of this only there was one problem His mouth was watering like a dog, he needed her tits in his mouth, if just for a couple seconds that would surely be enough.

He lifted her shirt up farther which was easier said then done since she was lying on half of it. He was straining to get the shirt off her boobs but couldn't. He then saw that her shirt was held together by a thing of velcro on her left shoulder. He slowly and quietly peeled the velcro and after a few seconds of slowly pulling the velcro thre he was finally Robin x starfire lemon to get it off her chest and fully expose her breasts to him in their full glory.

With one deep breath Robin took her right nipple into his mouth and toyed with the other. Starfire breathed deeply again and a small moan from her throat thanks to the attention Robin was giving her. He didn't care anyway because he knew she wouldn't be waking up anytime soon so he continued sucking on her nipple.

The bird theme super hero must've sucked a bit too hard because an even louder moan escaped from deep within Starfire. Robin didn't care he finishing sucking on her right tit and moved to her left.

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Starfires moans of possible pleasure were heaven to Robin, he loved the fact that the girl he secretly adored was loving the things he was doing to her breasts. It wasn't long before Robins sucking took a toll on Starfire. She moaned rather loudly and started tossing and turning repeatedly. Robin quickly ducked under the bed again, he kept his head out a little to see if she woke up.

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Robin gave himself five minutes of inactivity then he rose up again and found that Starfire has pushed her sheets to the side and her legs were spread apart, rather widely. Robin managed to contain his growing appetite for her, and control his breathing and heart rate so he could watch her to make sure she stayed asleep.

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After watching her for two minutes he d his little perverted 'bout with her body. Robin got back up on her bed and positioned himself between her thighs. He sat with his legs folded under his body, he leaned forward and nuzzled her pubic area, taking in the scent of her vagina.

The scent drove him Robin x starfire lemon crazy, he was beside himself. He reached up her skirt slowly and felt something a little out of the ordinary. He raised a questioning eyebrow and retracted his hand, He used both hands to lift up her skirt, and was surprised to find that she wasn't wearing any underwear. I think it is He her vagina with his palm, relishing in the soft, and smoothness. Starfire groaned and a bead of sweat dropped down her brow. Robin brought his hand up to his face and found that it had gotten extremely wet with her sex juices.

He plunged two of his fingers into her dripping cunt while using his free hand to stroke his erection, which had become extremely painful. Robins exploration continued until he found the special little spot, that point in her womb that would drive Starfire crazy. Robin had longed to touch that little spot for so long. He pressed a finger against it, taking the moment for all it was worth. At this point Starfires breathing got super heavy, sweat was running down her forehead, and she made little fists with her hands, this went unnoticed by Robin, he was in his own little world.

He pushed his fingers in as deep as they could go. As we wiggled his fingers inside of her, taking in the heat of the moment for all it was worth, he felt Starfires body move. Robin froze, he lifted his head, his fingers still deep within Starfires pussy. What he saw was Starfire, drowsily holding herself up with her arms, her eyes half closed, and her shirt dangling on her left shoulder, and staring at him. Robin" she said quietly "what are you doing? Swiftly he withdrew his fingers and said rather quickly "Starfire I'm really sorry, I messed with you while you were sleeping.

Lately I've been having these weird uncontrollable visions of you, and I thought I'd stop it if I actually got a view of you naked. And knowing you wouldn't show me I had to take drastic measures and do it while you weren't conscious. Starfire I'm sorry I just Could it be I have read about earthly biology and it has informed me that around our age they begin to experience a change where all they think about is the opposite Robin x starfire lemon. What is this called again? Oh yes puberty. But if Robin wished to see me without any clothing on why did he just not ask me?

But I have also read about teenage male shyness, and the inability to sometimes be direct with their troubles. Robin said he only did it because he has dreams about me However Robin was not so happy he cried into his pillow, sobbing like a little baby. Star, I wish I never did that Robin has totally fucked himself, or so he thinks. Starfire is on her way to express her feelings to Robin but he eventually falls asleep, What will Starfire do? Heee wait and see. Chapter 2. Chapter 1 Chapter 2.

Robin x starfire lemon

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