Ripped nipple piercing

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Nipples usually take weeks to heal; they usually heal without any problems. The nipple will be slightly tender for several days after the piercing, and a little swollen, this gradually goes away, I prefer to use a ring rather than a bar when the nipple is pierced so that if swelling occurs the jewellery is not tight. Nipples tend to get a lot of clear crusting at the entrance to the piercing so the ring is easier for cleaning. However, your nipples will always be more sensitive so don't be too rough with them during sex. It is normal for the piercing to throb a little the first day.

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Panadol tablets or the like a gentle form of pain relief may be taken 6 hourly if needed. May sure you take something that is safe for you or consult your Doctor. In my experience the first 2 to 3 days the nipple is a little tender and then settles and gives no problem.

Until the tissue heals fully, the piercing can easily be torn, the ring will never be actually torn out, just a very small tear usually occurs on the side of the wound. If this happens after the piercing is healed, you will have to treat the piercing as a new wound again, or you could develop an infection. If you think there may be an infection, return and see me or see a physician immediately.

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Be fussy with your jewellery choices, a lot of cheaper body jewellery has lots of nickel and lead it which can leach into your body causing nasty reactions that are often mistaken for infections. My advice is when you first become pregnant take your nipple piercing out, your breasts and nipples can become quite tender. Leave the piercing to heal during your pregnancy.

Lots of my clients have successfully breast fed after taking their piercings out. You are often requested to do this and depending on the age of your piercing this can lead to the piercing closing up.

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Use bioflex or PTFE with plastic balls, they not only keep your piercing open but the are safe to scan etc. We have a great range of Nipple Jewellery under Products in the Body jewellery Section Nipples usually take weeks to heal; they usually heal without any problems.

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If you think there may be an infection, return and see me or see a physician immediately The Piercing is really sore what should you do? The most common cause of this is a tight bar.

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Put in a longer one If you have changed your jewellery in the last 48 hours, it can be that when you have changed you grazed the inside of the piercing a little bit of water based lubricant can help here. A little bubble or blister appears beside one of the holes. This happens when fluff or a foreign body like sand goes down your piercing.

The lump usually turns into pimple which pops expelling the foreign matter. If there is redness or red lines spreading up your breast, swelling, pain and pus it is time to seek medical advice.

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Ripped nipple piercing

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How to Recognize and Treat a Nipple Piercing Infection