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Liz Shannon Miller. Four years later, this is also insane but true: after approximately the other eleven billionity shows that have followed in its wake, it still remains unique.

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So is the show lasting for as long as it has, especially given that there are plenty of other out-there concepts which never made it past their first seasons. The character work was always relatively blunt from scene to scene, mostly for the sake of efficiency given how much each episode had to pack in, but it was just as present as the beautifully deed costumes and gorgeous scenery.

All with the constant promise of great action, rooted in Hong Kong traditions, bloody and brutal and jaw-dropping.

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The action, the mythology, the character stories are all stretched across what can be at least four storylines an episode featuring a dozen characters. This season, the big theme is on slavish devotion to a cause — evangelicism, one might say — at the expense of what matters: family.

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No one seems to be a stranger at this stage in the series, which has really become about literal and found families trying to survive. These final eight episodes, meanwhile, launch with at least a tinge of sadness.

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That is a tragedy for television. Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! Back to IndieWire. Liz Shannon Miller Mar 22, am lizlet.

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Into the Badlands: Daniel Wu On How The Series Became A Cult Hit