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Nah, fuck that noise! Behind a Popeyes Good call. Who doesn't feel like a blowjob after some chicken and biscuits?? I'm surprised they even had to go undercover. They literally walk up to you and bother you at the red lights in some places. If we can't afford treatment for people like this, and we can, we should at least not fuck their world up even more. Give her a sandwich and a ride to a free clinic for STD testing at the very least.

Also, don't cops in Baton Rouge have things like murders and armed robberies to deal with? Is arresting this woman 3 times really worth the manpower? She does need treatment and help in recovery, but she did chose to start that path.

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Hopefully 30 days in lock up can help pull the junk out of her system enough for her to realise should check herself into a clinic. Street walkers are dirt cheap in every city. They're not full service prostitutes though.

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More like biological orgasm dispensers. Found the internet! Who knew hookers in BR were so reasonably priced? Posted by 8 years ago. Sort by: best. What a deal! Wow, that's a low price! Continue this thread. Yeah, this is definitely a shitty way to deal with things. She actually said she'd be happy with just the tip. Man that's much cheaper than a dinner and a movie. I did That sounds Pretty awesome, and that worries me. More posts from the batonrouge community.

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