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Jump to. Proper Attire proposes that if only condoms were more aesthetically pleasing - and celebrity-endorsed - women would have a change of attitude towards them. It is hard to imagine even the most fashion-conscious amongst us refusing to pick up condoms because of how they look - pale, rubbery, gooey in that non-descript packaging.

Discussion of Proper attire condoms sheer condoms at the mark of this Alexander Wang video — Wang is another deer who has done condoms for Proper Attrire. Proper Attire must see women discussing buying these condoms with their friends, thereby opening up conversation about condoms and their importance in preventing STIs and HIV transmission. But we might wonder how this conversation is intended to go between two teenagers, or two casual partners of any age - and how the man is supposed to respond to the presentation of pink animal print condoms and whether this will make him more enthusiastic about using them.

It makes you wonder is Proper attire condoms sheer condoms that women are supposed to find ugly, or penises? If we think over how condoms are considered in our culture, they are indeed long due for a rebranding. There is such cultural resistance to condoms it is hard to know where the rumors end and the truth begins. Get Bitch Media's top 9 re of the week delivered to your inbox every Saturday morning! I don't think women should be embarrassed to carry condoms around. I carried a condom around way before I ever had sex, just because I like to prepared, be it for my sake or someone elses. Making them pretty or patterned wouldn't make me want to carry them any more or less, sometimes safety overtakes des.

Aside from all the cultural issues Holly's raised, I can't help wondering about the ink for printing those oh-so-stylish condoms with animal prints. How might it affect vaginal health? I applaud her efforts. I'm a little unsettled at the way this campaign is clearly all about WOMEN taking care of condoms, rather than both parties of a n apparently heterosexual couple. Sure, in some circles there is more of a stigma for women carrying condoms than men slutty vs. So, the suggestion here is that women don't like buying or using condoms because they are ugly.

This could be taken as a mild offense to women's intelligence. Animal print condoms created by a fashion icon and a deer, on the other hand, are on a whole different level — a 'must-have' as the Proper Attire site states. This statement is really reaching. Especially this: "It is hard to imagine even the most fashion-conscious amongst us refusing to pick up condoms because of how they look - pale, rubbery, gooey Proper attire condoms sheer that non-descript packaging. That writes off lots of the female population. Assuming all girls will just go out and get condoms is such a gross generalization--especially when it comes to teenagers.

Believe me, I work with troubled teens, and many of them have gotten pregnant because they refused to use condoms. That's one reason so many condom companies make condoms in "fun" packages--to make them more appealing. It's not like Proper Attire is the first company to do this. I mean condoms come in various flavors, textures and packaging. And yes, as much as you might want to deny it, celebrity endorsements DO help. I think that many of the young girls I work with might be more inclined to buy a condom if Lady Gaga said they should.

She's continuing to use her platform as a mega pop star to deliver a good message--AND she's giving the money to Planned Parenthood. By saying that condoms are something that should be made more fun, Proper Attire and Lady Gaga are in no way insulting women's intelligence.

They're just trying to make them a bigger part of women's lives. This article seems like it's just searching for a reason to criticize the situation, when really, all it is is a good thing. I love this concept. And I love that it's actualized. And I'm even more glad that it's publicized, and endorsed by a commendable organization and can't believe I'm writing this celebrity endorsement from L.

Gaga who has a great following of fans. This article presents a low-win scenario for condoms and power. There are a lot of "could"s and rhetorical questions asked, and implication that because it's for Planned Parenthood, that's one if not the only good reason to think it's a good idea.

But it's not. There's more to it than that. I think that's an obvious market because [someone like] Gaga has a huge following from the gay community. Where the "must-have" verbiage is concerned: As a writer, they're setting tone for the product. They're marketing it like haute couture, something iconic and fashionista-sounding. It's obviously not everyday vernacular for how we talk about style or sex for that matterbut it is easily recognizable jargon. I believe they're playing with the tone and making a play on words.

Keep in mind Jeremy Scott is only one of the deers for this brand. Altogether, I'm interpreting 'We can get wild with sex, but don't be prehistoric about safety. And I'll go back to one more point in the article; "The campaign contains strong statements that emphasize women taking control [ Also effective in preventing unintended pregnancy. And the cervix in pregnant women, young girls, and teens is especially vulnerable to infection.

Wow Holly thanks for this analysis it is really interesting and goes way deeper than my response when I saw the announcement. The only thing is I worked with teens at a place where we gave out condoms gratis. We gave out all sorts the selection was impressive but the only two kinds the youth would take were coloured or flavoured. We called it the ipod effect on penises. So even if there are problematic sides to deer condoms, if a condom endorsed Proper attire condoms sheer Lady Gaga leaves in a girl's purse then I say : why not? Ideally we can discuss the ideas about consumerism and marketing in the next workshop with the youth in our programmes and build their critical thinking and capacity to make choices.

In the meantime, we would still be providing condoms that they are interested in using. Very interesting - I had been wondering if novelty condoms were particularly popular. I'd always thought they caused a whole bunch of vagina-related problems, so stayed clear, but that is very interesting to hear how they are otherwise received.

With this in mind, I do hope other celebrities - Taylor Swift! In response to other comments - I totally think this is an awesome idea, I just found the language used by the brand intriguing in its assumptions and suggestions. I wonder if there is something of an 'ownership' issue in here too - by choosing the de and initiating the use of a deer condom are we suggesting women are taking ownership of the male body? She really is wonderful, that is such a cool thing to do. Hate to be a Debbie Downer, but it totally scares me that some crazy Anti-choicer will try and hurt her or something though.

Lady Gaga is among the only things keeping me sane in this world. She is earning a lot of love for me for being famous and actually seeming to care about stuff I care about. Take care Gaga, the world needs you! Search form Search. Published on February 26, at am. Holly Grigg-Spall View profile ». Leave this field blank. Your name. E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly.

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