Pro wrestling spanking

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Currently showing 46 database entries. Another picture of Mickie James spanked: click. Ariel is caned by the Sandman. Ariel spanked by Damien Sandow. Candice Michelle vs Torrie Wilson. Dirty White Girl gets the belt. This is related to the entry "Miss Texas gets the Belt". Just like in the other clip this time Dirty White Girl is interviewed when Lauren Davenport and Nurse Kratchett interrupt and spank her with a belt. Francine spanked by Jerry Lynn. Jacqueline spanked by The Edge. Katie Lea paddled. With the losing team member being spanked - it was Katie Lea. Kelly Kelly gets spanked otk by Tommy Dreamer.

Kelly Kelly spanked by Beth Phoenix. Kristi Myst spanked by Lizzy Borden and Kronus. Major Gunns spanked by Lizzie.

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Maria Kanellis gets a spanking. Mickie James. Mickie James spanked by R Truth. Miss Texas gets the Belt. MJ Aurora. Nidia spanked by Torrie Wilson. Nikita spanked by Billy Gunn. Well, just what the title says. A pretty good spanking, too, and the audience loves it. Rosita spanked by Mickie James. Shelly Martinez spanked by Todd Chandler. Sherri spanked.

Stacy Carter and Jerry Lawler. This is almost a "vintage" wrestling spanking. Interesting fact: a lot of years later Jerry married Stacy just to be divorced after one year. Stacy Keibler spanked by Bigshow. Stacy Keibler spanked by Sgt. Stacy Keibler spanked by Torrie Wilson.

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Stacy Keibler spanked by Trish Stratus. Stacy paddled by Trish. Sunshine spanked by David von Erich. She was called Sunshine and helped him in his feud with David Von Erich. Garvin received some criticism for hiding behind Sunshine when he was in trouble. Sunshine was known for constantly interfering on Garvin's behalf. David Von Pro wrestling spanking spanked her in the middle of the ring for this same reason.

On June 17,Garvin lost a match to David where he and Sunshine had to be his servants for a day. David had them doing chores on his ranch and filmed it. Tammy Sytch paddled by Dawn Marie. Tammy Sytch spanked by Tracy Smothers. Tracy Smothers spanks Tammy "Sunny" Sytch after she has unintentedly helped him win the match against her then-boyfriend Chris Candido. Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus. Torrie Wilson vs Nidia. Paddle on a Pole match - Torrie Wilson gets two hard whacks with a paddle.

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Trinity spanked by Dusty Rhodes. Trish spanked by Jericho again. Trish Stratus - bare bottom spanking. Trish Stratus spanked by Jericho. Trish Stratus spanked by Stephanie McMahon. Trish Stratus spanked by Stephanie McMahon again. What the title says. But Trish gets a few shots at Stephanie's butt as well.

A sort of strap is used. Trish Stratus vs Torrie Wilson. Velvet Sky spanked. Velvet Sky spanked by Cody Cleaner. Victoria spanked by Mickie James. JJ added this information: In regards to the Victoria wrestling clip, here is a match that happened I think about a week after that one.

Pro wrestling spanking

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