Pcb hotels spring break 2015

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It was a spring break to remember but not for the reasons you may think. InPanama City Beach was thrust into the national spotlight. Loud music and spring breakers crowded the beaches in Sirens and police lights more often than not were soon to follow. A quick search of "Panama City Beach spring break " portrays a fun time but a short scroll down re the reality. Headline after headline, PCB was thrust into the national spotlight, and not for good reason.

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To make matters worse, social media spread the negative image nationwide. And that's not what we wanted," Oberst said. Weeks later, a party turns violent when seven people were shot at a Panama City Beach house. We had one in the median. I went into the apartment and there was the girl that had been shot in the head and two deputies covered in blood doing CPR," Sheriff Ford said. Both incidents attracted a national spotlight on a worsening situation. As hard as we worked and as much as we were telling them this is going to happen, this is going to happen, please help us," Former Sheriff McKeithen said.

However, it wasn't just spring breakers wreaking havoc. Partiers, often including drug dealers known as milers, drove into PCB to prey off the energy. Starting inalcohol was banned on sandy beaches during March. This new law combined with the end of alcohol sales at 2 a. And then we realized wait a minute the entire county, a lot of it is seeing it," Former Sheriff McKeithen said. Met Pcb hotels spring break 2015 support from the community and fellow police, Panama City Beach started changing for the better. Threatens our reputation for being a good, wholesome place for families to come," Sheriff Ford said.

They went from a lot of serious, violent felony crimes to crimes we can control because we can actually be more proactive police," Chief Whitman said. Today, police are now using what once destroyed the beach to build it up, posting reminders of the laws on online platforms like Facebook. Live Doppler Radar. Friday Night Overtime. Golden Apple Award Winners.

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Investigate TV. The CW. My NetworkTV. Latest Newscasts. The evolution of spring break: the chaos that changed Panama City Beach forever. By Gretchen Kernbach.

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Published: Mar. Share on Facebook. This Link. Share on Twitter. Share on Pinterest. Share on LinkedIn. Most Read. Former Calhoun County official arrested in alleged pay-to-play scheme. Hillside Cemetery casket exposed, vaults floated. Mexico Beach looking to the future three years after Hurricane Michael. Farm Tour comes to the Panhandle. Latest News. Pirates of The High Seas Fest wraps up.

Pcb hotels spring break 2015

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