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This is my first react! Hope you guys enjoy! Also please feel free to constructively critique my work. Sole was different. There was something about him that intrigued Danse. He was brave, and fearless, yet caring and kind. He was the both extremes. He was someone that could carry the Brotherhood name with honor and integrity. So seeing sole, in all his naked glory, was something Danse wanted. Danse admired Sole. He wanted to feel the compassion sole gave to the people. Danse Paladin danse naked this. You really like to let it all out, huh?

Even when he sleeps, he sometimes leaves them on. Sort of…as a mask. Deacon knew he was red. His…umm…special tool. Everything about sole made Deacon have weird feelings in his stomach. Deacon wanted to be closer to sole. He knew from the first time he saw sole leave Vault Fuck …finally…in God know how many years, Deacon found the other person that can shut him up.

People come and go in your life. You either watch them leave, or you kill them. Gage grew up with that mentality. People came and left.

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Lovers came and left. They were gone. Sole felt different to him. Gage seeing Sole interact with the other gangs made Gage…jealous. Gage wanted to touch his body. Explore his skin. Raid his heart. Gage was selfish that way. Hancock always needs to be in charge. However, sole was different. Sole was the only guy Hancock could be vulnerable to. He was happy that Fahrenheit was there for him, but he felt like he needed more. Sole was there to hear him out. Sole was there to make sure he was fine. Sole was even there to partake in a little jet session. He loved him so much. MacCready always grew up questioning himself.

From Little Lamplight to now.

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Yeah, sole was strong and brave and manly. But most of the guys in the gunners are. However, sole had this unique quality to him. Sole had this caring, sarcastic attitude that drew Mac to him. Mac saw sole as any other guy he saw. A paycheck. A couple of caps he can get to buy some hard liquor, cigarettes and candy.

The more he walked and spoke with him, the more he realized, sole reminded him of her. Strong, dependable spirits. Put on this earth to help Mac get through his own life. Mac knew it was a small price to pay for being with him. Is it only that, Bobby? Preston closed the door, letting the image sink in. He saw him. Then…why…why did Preston feel this way? Why was his heart beating so fast? Why was his hand shaking a bit? What caused him to react like this? He remembers reading a pre-war book.

How this one guy liked this one girl, and one day the guy admitted his feelings. Preston chalked it up to love. It hit him like a bag of bricks. Sole helped bring back the Minutemen. Sole helped him overcome his thoughts of loneliness and suicide. Preston loved the General. I…I want to talk to you. He slowly opened the door to Paladin danse naked one that he truly loved. Nick was old. Flat and simple. He kept on telling himself that. Old, used, and unwanted. He always had that mentality.

Then…why was Sole so interested in him? Why did Sole smile that handsome smile, mostly to him?

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It baffled Nick. Why him? Nick always kept a straight face around Sole. He never fell into the little traps Sole had around to him. But this time…he kind of wanted to fall. He loved his playful nature yet serious demeanor. He loved the snarky attitude, mixed in with Paladin danse naked, witty thoughts, and kind, caring affection. Nick loved everything about Sole. X6 had no idea why he hesitated there. Seeing Sole standing there kind of brought something up in him. Maybe it was a defect. Maybe being in the Commonwealth has cause some sort of radiation damage.

Usually X6 would suggest going into for some fine tuning. X6 has this weird feeling in his chest. And it always seems to grow more and more everyday. It only seemed to flare up when Sole was around, or when X6 heard his voice, or when he saw Sole get hurt. X6 never understood how synths could fall in love. How did M and J fall in love? Synths were never supposed to be like that. His face getting hot and flustered.

So I decided to finally start this blog. Sole Survivor or other Male characters. Please, if you do send in reacts, please note that I am only accepting Male Sole, or male characters There are plenty of react blogs that focus more on females.

The fact that sole himself took time out of his busy schedule to make him something made Danse smile and blush.

Paladin danse naked

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