One piece 7 minutes in heaven

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However, after five years hard slog, having both penned a new record deal with Rude Records and added new drummer Brennan Gilbert to their ranks, is the year they roll up their sleeves and make a play for global success. Below, we catch up with frontman Timmy Rasmussen to find out all about his band, their new EP Symmetryand what they have lined up for next.

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Can you introduce yourselves — where are you from, who does what and what are your roles in the band? I was hanging with a friend in his kitchen scrolling through his iTunes library trying to find a name for the project.

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Having Alex to switch off with is great because it allows me to have those moments to jump around like a maniac and really loosen up. Most importantly, we all have a good dynamic together. Just being ourselves, not trying to worry about what other bands are doing and just living our own lives, writing our own story and finding our own path.

My idea was to hypothetically be flipping from Side A to Side B, picking up where it was left off musically, but experimenting as we naturally would.

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It has the same needle drop to start out the record, but this time closing with a more cryptic vibe, leaving it with loose ends for an epic follow-up. Showing different angles, perspectives, introducing different objects that may or may not help the narrative through their journey.

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Complacency, emotional hunger and desire to understand myself; a lot of self-reflection, restlessness, a burning passion that never seems to be fulfilled. I highly encourage you to live your life for YOU and no one else. With that being said: tour, festivals, record release, tour, tour, tour, tour times infinity! Louder Together we're Louder.

One piece 7 minutes in heaven

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7 Minutes in Heaven With Taïna Mueth