Nikki huniepop birthday

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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs Nikki huniepop birthday no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Nikki huniepop. This is an underrated trio that I really wish we saw more of - wonder if it would be a stretch to ask for exclusive Huniepop short stories or something. HuniePop hunie pop tiffany maye audrey belrose nikki ann marie momo if u squint tiffany huniepop audrey huniepop nikki huniepop huniecam studio huniepop 2 digital art wlw game wlw games romance game romance games hunie pop 2. Can I have a huniepop matchup, please?

Hobbies include playing video games, drawing, writing, reading manga and comics, wathcing anime and movies mostly supernatural and horroreating sweets and junk food in general. I'm also kind of a ditz and a massive daydreamer.

Part 2 I'm quiet and shy, tomboyish, somewhat aloof around new people but I can be a very quirky, awkward, goofy, mildly clingy, sarcastic dork with a strange sense of humor when I get close to them. I have heavy bouts of depression to the point where I can't get out of bed in the morning.

I prefer wearing t-shirts and jeans but I will wear a skirt or a dress on occassion. I'm also somewhat touch starved and just want to be loved. Nikki only opens up to people who she can feel she can be understood by, and she knows you are someone she can trust and you both share quite a few hobbies so she knows you won't judge her because of them. As someone who also needs a while before opening up to another person, she is patient and understanding before you leave your shell and is honored once you do!

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She really likes your sense of humor and might even be attracted to how sarcastic you can be at times! Nikki tries her very best to be supportive of you and help you when you feel down! She is very loving and loyal. She prefers to stay inside as well and as such you spend many romantic evenings together cuddled up in the couch watching some movies or playing some videogames! Since she is a fan of them, she will also take on arcade dates if you wanna! Yep, the crack-ship or in this case, crossover-ship is back and yes, Chiaki is holding a Scorbunny plushie while she's sleeping on Nikki's lap.

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Happy Birthday, Celeste Luvendass! To celebrate, check out this three-part story about our favorite alien femme fatale! As an interstellar bounty hunter, Celeste Luvendass has traveled far and wide across the galaxy, visiting countless star systems and their wondrous civilizations. So when the pressures of her work begin to overwhelm the alien hunter, why does she desire nothing more than to visit a primitive, backwater world like the Earth?

A story of finding home in the most unlikely of people. HuniePop HuniePop 2 Nikki nikki ann marie nikki huniepop huniecam studio aliens alien hunter alien tentacles beach art extraterrestrial extraterrestial life wlw games night sky artist of color artists on tumblr artists of color artist on tumblr manga artist.

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Well, not quite. A few of my favorite characters from the original Huniepop.

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Momo tho…. Source: Kurosai Nikki Huniepop asceticsanic. Made some clothing des in New Horizons, since I haven't seen any for them. This was the first pseudo cover that started it all. Came out October I forgot to put the date on it but I still had the original photoshop file with the date.

Nikki huniepop birthday

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