My son has a huge penis

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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted May 5, by anonymous views 70 comments. Sorry for the vulgar language. I've been aware for a while now that my 15yo son is packing an absolute python in his pants.

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It's impossible not to notice because it bulges out like crazy from his pants whenever he is at home At school he always wear cargo pants or similar to hide it, but at home it's always visible. I've seen my son walk out of the shower a few times, and every time I'm reminded he has the biggest prick I've seen.

When it's flaccid goes down to his knee and it's about as thick as my wrist, with testicles roughly the size of oranges. I can see this thing bulging through his pants day in and day out. Since he's 15 and his hormones raging, he's constantly pooping boners around me. I've seen him erect through his pants more times than I can count and it's get even bigger. My son's penis has to be at least three, maybe four times as long as my husband's dick. It really is that crazy.

Not to mention, he jacks it several times a day. I'm as clueless as you about where his size comes from. His father is average, and no one from my family is particularly large. I just don't know. He's pretty shy and most girls will be freaked out by his member, so I am a bit worried for his sake.

But maybe it's too early for me to be concerned about his future partners. And btw, his willy has been checked at the doctor, and it's healthy, so no worries there. You need to find out if your son's cock will fit inside of you, don't you?

Don't fight it, go for it! Stupidest,fakest post ever You're a dumb fuckwad. You should masturbate him or give him oral as soon as you can. Let him know you can teach him a lot and help him My son has a huge penis willing pussy and mouths. Guide his fingers into you. I know most women don't prefer huge ones, but sure I sure do.

I know he's my son and I know it's wrong, but it's just so big! I have thought about how hot it would be having his monster stretching me to the limit. But I haven't done anything so far. I bet you have a girlfriend or relative that you can invite overand the two of you teach him.

Makes me wish I had a vagina! At first I asked him questions how he felt and it became clear pretty quickly that he was insecure about the ordeal. So I decided to pep talk him. At the beginning, I was just saying things like that he has My son has a huge penis to be ashamed of and so on. But soon I found myself giving him compliments about his penis size. He was a bit embarrassed, but it did cheer him up.

Either way, one thing led to another and eventually I asked him if I could measure his huge cock. Unsurprisingly, he agreed. I went and got a 20 inch ruler. When I came back I gave him a kiss and pulled his pants down. His cock was already hard and sprung up right away. I was shocked by it's sheer size. It was longer than my hand and forearm combined and thicker than my wrist. His testicles looked huge and bloated and his cock was full of veins. But what really shocked me was when I put the ruler next to it.

I couldn't believe my eyes, but the 20 inch ruler wasn't even long enough. I had to get a measuring tape. His python was over 22 inches long! It was quite an erotic sight when I sat there with my small hands on his veiny, enormous monster, precum oozing from his cockhead. I could hardly fucking believe how big his monster cock is.

You're fucking mentally Ill and,for the good of society at large, should probably be institutionalized. The world record isn't even 14 inches. Have at least a little logic in your lie. Wow, do you think you'll be able to fit that monstrosity inside your pussy? Ok maybe 20 inches, but I've never seen a woman's pussy deeper than that.

You'll probably need to stimulate your clit, since his pelvis won't quite reach it.

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That's alright, just having a cock like that inside you is incredible! That's great. The boy is ready!! I picked up a homeless alcoholic on the board walk. People said he was shaking his cock at them. He was so hot that he cut his pants into shorts, just above the knee. The head of his cock was hanging out the bottom. A trip to shelter and we got him some pants. Yeah, right! If it was it would be the world record holder!

Why are you so interested in your son's dick anyway? Our son went to Civil air patrol encampment. When we picked him up one of the girl cadets came over and hugged him. She kissed his cheek said, Call me Loaf. I heard a few others call him loaf as well. The guys all shower together in a large room. One of the boys pointed at my son and said he had a bull dick. As usual the boys and girls met up after they had dinner.

The girl who hugged and kissed him was walking outside when one of My son has a huge penis boys handed her a bread loaf wrapper. She ask why? Boy told her that was the condom size she would need if she had sex with him.

No idea if she got to see touch or take it, but she was sweet on our son. My cock is nearly as thick as a coke can and longer than my wife's foot. My son's cock is far longer than mine and he's only I've read a lot of stupid shit on this site but your "my son has a 25" penis" fucking idiocy definitely takes the cake as the stupidest fucking confession ever.

It's difficult to contemplate how fucking mentally ill you have to be to get off on posting shit like this. Get some sykiatric help motherfucker. Cause he's a guy.

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Fucking homo posted this shit no doubt. Just saying I don't the mom is here anymore posts have gotten outrageous. I've changed my mind! Mom impale yourself on the thing and get pregnant ten get several big black cocks and a lesbian experience and a dog a horse your 7 year old neice. Being a single parent she took me to the family doctor, a woman, to have me checked.

Our doctor, of course, had seen me once a year since I was born for regular physicals, but still spent the time to poke and prod me, checking my shaft, balls, and anus until just having this mature woman with her face in my groin started to get me erect.

I was terrified, coping a boner not just in front of the doctor, but with my mother there s well. I tried to cover up, but she pushed my hands away and actually started to stroke me to help me gain an erection. She told my mother and I she needed to see how large it because and to make sure the foreskin retracted properly. Also she had gloves on, I could feel the heat from her hands, the first hands other than my own to stroke my cock. Just as I reach full hardness I felt the first stirings, not knowing what to do or say I just blurted "Oh, no! The worst part is she just kept stroking me until she milked the last drop out.

Then she grabbed some paper towels and wiped her face, handed some to my mom and told her everything looked normal My son has a huge penis obviously worked properly. She then told my mother to make sure I ejaculated completely at least once a day and suggested my mother should observe me herself. I spent many years up to when I left for college with my mother on her knees watching me jack off. It's a pity the female family docter didn't offer you to give you a regualar treat, as I had read well, she was a turn on for you. So what is wrong with having sex with your son?

Only society says it is bad.

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Go ahead and enjoy his monster cock. You will both be happy.

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Forget society! I 'accidentally' saw my 11yo son naked as he stepped out of the shower. He'd 'accidentally' forgot to lock the bathroom door, and I needed a pee, so I went in! His cock flaccid was at least 3ft long, no lie! It was literally touching the carpet, no lie! Well I was so turned on, I dropped to my knees, took it in my hands and began to stroke it, back and forth.

Well, if you thought it was huge when it was flaccid, you should've seen it erect! No lie, it was about 4 and a half ft long! His balls were like two watermelons, no lie! I sucked the tip and managed to My son has a huge penis about a foot without choking, no lie! When he came in my mouth, there must have been about 4 pints, no lie, and I managed to swallow the entire load without gagging, no lie! Don't ask me how, but I managed to take the entire 4ft cock up my ass, no lie! He came at least 5 times in my ass, but I never spilled a drop, no lie!

It made me so horny thinking about the 20 pints of my son's cum up my ass! He flipped me over and entered my pussy. His huge cock filled me, but I managed to take his entire length with no problems, no lie! He pounded away for what seemed like forever, giving me multiple orgasms, and he squeezed and sucked on my massive bra-sized tits at the same time!

Once again he must have cum at least 20 times, filling my pussy with 80 pints of his hot jizz, no lie! My son certainly has stamina, we spent the entire weekend fucking, and he must have shot enough seed inside me to fill an olympic-sized swimming pool.

But, I never spilled a drop! No lie!

My son has a huge penis

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