My girlfriend is a stripper

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MTG Salvation. In Register. Ascended Mage. So I found out my girlfriend is a stripper. I've always suspected it and joked about it Tonight a few buddies and I went out, and there she was Would you be? What do I do? Has this happened to anyone else before?

Private Mod Note :. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Keep your hands to yourself. Is this a real story? Maybe I'm selfish, but I'm way more interested in the details here than how you should proceed. That being said, if you're not mad about then who cares?

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She's making money and I'm sure she's thought of the social implications herself. I'd just tell her your nonjudgmental opinion on move on. Newest episode is all about Innistrad previews. Tounrament --Runner of the Villian Vs. Did she ever lie about being a stripper? I myself wouldn't put up with it just because a lot of the other 'jobs' that come with being a stripper and I wouldn't want to worry about any of that. That being said I have friends who have been in long term relationships with strippers and their relationships seemed solid.

Everyone has their own personal limitations and comfort zones. I wouldn't mind if my girlfriend worked as a stripper personally. But I would be uncomfortable if she worked at one of those places that offer full lap dance.

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Check out our new MTGCommunity. My reaction would be "sweetie, you'd make a lot more money and meet a whole lot less obnoxious people being a professional dominatrix". Plus no risk of sexual contact and I get the satisfaction of knowing that the people who oggle her are getting the crap beat out of them. Over If she said "no, I'm not a stripper" then it turns out she was, I'd be upset. If she said "no, I'm not a librarian" then she turns out to be one I'd also be very slightly upset.

In reality, though, I can't imagine calling a girl my girlfriend if I didn't even know what she does for a living. Also, while I don't mind a stripper for a girlfriend, just a stripper is fine -- if she's the type who also goes into private VIP rooms for some action with paying customers, I wouldn't feel comfortable. The Comedian. I would just ask her if she can give a reference for a job at Chippendales. Check out RobbieCarlysle. Com for my Comedy Shows! Venser, Shaper Savant. Resident Planeswalker. What were you doing at a strip club? Quote from Venser ». DCI Rating!

LOST Master. Personally, I would have a bit of a problem with all those other men staring at my girlfriend. However, I don't think you can have a problem with it because you're going to strip clubs.

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Archmage Overlord. If you don't care, then she's simply making good money. At least she can't get mad at you for going to the club with your buddies. Quote from Starkiller2. Quote from kpaca. Wizard Mentor. If you want to bring up a fake story to generate some discussion go to the debate forum.

You could probably start a debate about if you should date a stripper or not. Thanks spiderboy and Highlight Studios!!! My trade thread! If my gf were a stripper I'd take a bunch of singles and find out where she works! Quote from Zelik. Quote from Flaming. Fist ».

Krogan Cupcakes! Common Mage. If I had a girlfriend, and one who is good looking enough to be a stripper, I probably would not have attempted suicide two valentine's days in a row. OP, if you are telling the truth, consider yourself glad that you have never told a police officer to shoot you in the face while holding an automatic rifle in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other.

Enjoy the extra money and furious sex while you can. I didn't start this as a fake story to generate anything. I legit was out drunk with friends and we wound up at the strip club. I'm not one of those guys whose constantly out at those places every other night, but girls have their nights out, and My girlfriend is a stripper have ours.

We just recently started dating, which is why I didn't know I'm not mad or turned off or whatever. Personally I have a hot woman other dudes want to pay to stare at. I was merely wondering what everyone else would do or think. I don't think I would be mad, but I would be a tad concerned about her own personal well-being. I would be understading and continue to date her. Dangerous Dog. Well I for one think it's wrong. Of course, she could always ask you why you were hanging in a strip club while you were in a relationship so its one for one.

If neither of you care, as in you want to look at other women and she wants to show herself off to other men, then this relationship probably won't be serious but it'll be a fun swing until you decide to meet someone in your life one day.

It's really your decision and your life; but I would advise against getting too attached to her. Stripping carries many negative implications aside from just being a moral issue.

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Also, I realize many stripper probably aren't prostitutes but you should ask her just in case. That's where the real money is, after all. If you don't care about it, then there's no problem. You should not care what each one of us would feel about it, what matter is what you feel about it. The only think you need to adress is the fact that she's denied it, even if you only said you tough she was a stripper as a joke. Relationships need clarity in rules, even when you're OK with stripping.

If it's resolved, just tell her you don't care. She'll probably be much more confortable she doesn't have to lie to you. Alea iacta est I'm a Spike Vorthos - I love lore and flavor, but only if the cards are competition worthy. Reap the whirlwind. Just talk to her about her profession and ask alot of questions. Quote from Bitsy. Stephanie Leonheart. Well, first I would sit down and talk to her about it. If she has lied about her profession, then you might want to seek help if you love her alot and would like to stay with her.

Everybody has a skeleton or two in their closets. It's what she does to earn her living, and I know a few people would love for their girlfriends to switch jobs, because some might feel awkward. In the end, it will depend on your trust with her and she trusts you back, she'll respect you when she's doing her job. My girlfriend is a stripper i guess OP has already answered this.

Quote from Element Quote from sentimentGX4. Grollub Ascendant. Listen to Arnold Schwarzenegger narrate one of my posts.

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A word of caution comrade. I'm not going to tell you how right or wrong this is or how you should feel or any rubbish about jealousy. What I will tell you, as someone who knows abnormal psychology of the ladies all too well and has read a good many testimonials, is that people who strip for a living just about always have psychological issues that can and will kill your relationship and any relationships she has for quite some time.

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My girlfriend is a stripper

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