Mothers feminizing their sons

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Was just wondering how Mothers feminizing their sons Mothers or Grandmothers for that part, are or have Feminized their Sons, Husbands or Boyfriends. If you did, what was the Reason you decided to do it. How did you go about it and how have you enjoyed the. Do you have Friends that have Feminized their Males? After seeing my dear mom, feminize my trouble causing brother some when we were growing up, I have successfully feminized my own 3 sons.

My husband although reluctantly agreed at times, believes they are all much better as girls then before. All 3 dress as girls full time. The oldest now 17 has since 10, altough I started him out gradually he has learned to enjoy it and become a much better student and person as a feminized male. Although most know he is indeed a boy, he completly looks like a girl and most accept him as one all of the time. The 2 younger ones started when they were 4 and 5 and it was very easy to get them to go along with it and today at 11 and 12, they look, dress and even wear skirts or dresses to school.

The teachers know they are boys, but it has not caused many problems and all just accepted them as girls. Most people just think we are raising 4 daughters and it has not been a problem with others or neighbors. I would have liked for my husband too to become more feminite, but he has only agreed to a few minor things, but has on occasion dressed up for me and does wear his hair in a longer style which we both like.

Enon, You go girl. You sound like a great mother, I too have feminized my 3 sons along with my husband who all live as females. You should have been more demanding with your husband, if he agreed to part of the feminizing he probably deep down would like to do it more, but may need just a more demanding role on your part to go farther with it.

If all 3 sons are feminized, I would continue on him and make him more also. My husband is and it was at my firm demands and guidence, that he has become as female as most girls. It is very exhilerating and we both love it now and it has been the most for our on personal relationship. I would love to meet you and your 3 sons, so my own sons could see even more males like themselves. I know a lot of mothers who have feminized their males but would always love to meet more. Message I am new to these polls and was really thrilled to see this one. Back in the 70s, my mom feminized my 3 brothers and my Dad.

I was the only girl in the family and my mom took it upon me to help her. I was about 12 and my older brother was about 14 and my 2 little brothers were 5 and 6. Mom had for a year or so always punnished my brothers by making them dress up in dresses for punishment, for several years before starting them on the feminate stuff full time. Especially my older brother, he had to wear dresses many times for a day or two sometimes a little longer whenever he got into trouble.

He hated it but mom would not let him back down. Later she confided with me that for about a year and a half before she wanted them to go girl, she started letting their hair grow out and encouraged my Dad to to let his hair grow longer. She always said that if he did not striaghten up she would make him a girl permanently. Finally one summer, she told him that he was so bad that he was going to have to dress as a girl for most of the summer or she was going to send him to live with his grandparents, which he did not like. One day she took him over to a friends house Mothers feminizing their sons he came back with his long below shoulder lenght hair cut in a layered cut with poffy girl bangs, curled and styled in a very girlish way.

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Plus he was wearing a green dress, pantyhose, bra and panties. He looked very much like a girl and we did not recongnize him when we saw him. She took pictures of him and he left to his room in dismay. My 2 little brothers laughed at him but they did not laugh long when mom pulled out some new dresses for them and told them they were going to get their hair done the next day.

The next day, her friend gave them both little girls curly perms, they were just one mass of curly hair, They had shoulder length curls and were both dressed in Blue lacy dresses and panties. My dad thought it was great and I later learned that he told my mom he wanted to Mothers feminizing their sons her feminize him and he became a very womanishly looking man.

This was in the seventies and she eventually had his hair cut and permed in a long curly style and it just kept getting Blonder and blonder. She made him wear dresses and skirts at home most of the time and often did his makeup, nails and hair and they would go out for an evening. My mom always had long lovely hair and my own was a good " long, one day she said we should go out and get a new style, so we went out and she convinced me although reluctantly to have mine cut very short. It was about " long when they were done and I thought it look terrible.

She loved it and told me to go sit down because she was next. She had the girl cut off all of her hair. It was cut like a mans hair and mom wanted it to look that way, but mom was a very shapely women and she even looked very beautiful with hardly any hair.

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Dad hated our haircuts but mom told him that it did not matter what he thought, she was the boss and he was her women and he better learn to like it. Mom was a lawyer and after the haircut always wore very manish style business suits but with her very ncie shape, she still always looked very nice.

This did seem to bother her some and no matter how much she tried to dress down, her figure always made her look very womanishly. She wanted me to wear slacks and shirts all of the time and I did mostly, then she let me go back to longer hair and pick out my own styles. Dad always dressed as a women after that and he was constantly groomed, and styled however she wished. He mostly wore a body shaper or a padded bra and brief, but he always dressed as a women until he died a few years ago from cancer, very unexpectedly. Mom has since met a man abut 10 years youger then her and is now getting him to dress as a women for her most of the time.

I am now a married mother of one and my husband dresses in both mens and womens clothing, but his crowning glory is his long natural wavy hair, which he normally wore just long and pulled back wherever he went. Just recently I convinced him to let me cut and layer the top with nice full bangs and I now get him to wear it in a high ponytail and with the full bangs it really looks great and very womanishly. Although he does not always look the part of a women because he is 6'3" and broad shoulders. He dresses in many unisex styles and with the feminate looking hair, he still gets called mam many times when we Mothers feminizing their sons out.

He is fair skined and his facial hair is on Mothers feminizing their sons weak side, so i use a lite concealer on his beard and litely apply makeup to him sometimes. We have been married for almost 7 years and have a little boy, who I dress in both boys and girls stuff, but we are both leaning to dressing him as a girl full time.

With his long hair and big blue eyes, he looks like a girl no matter how he is dressed. My husband has finally agreed to let me streak his long brown hair with golden highlights and we are going to get his ears pierced. He would like to dress as a women full time but because of his size he does not always look the part, I told him to dress the way he likes and not to worry about it.

My odest brother has been marred for 6 years to a very dominating woman who keeps him under her controll and he continues to live as a women all of the time. My 2 younger brothers, both still dress as women full time. One is married to a lovley big beautifull girl who loves his feminate styles. The other would like to become a woman full time and complete the whole thing with surgery, he already has been on hormones and has breast surgey.

He has a girlfriend now but he has often went out with guys and has told me that he would like to someday be married to a guy after he is a woman completly. My family is not your ordinarly group of people, but overall we are very close and mostly happy with our lives. My bothers are all proof that one can be directed into this lifestyle and that it is not something that just happens but one can be guided into. I love my husband and love it when he is all made out as a women and goes to bed in a pink nightgown with his hair all tied back or in curlers.

We think more people should consider feminzaton. This is an very interesting subject to me. I am a 15 year old boy who along with my little brother has been feminized by my mother.

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I was almost 10 when she started, but it was very mild at the beginning and at first just accepted it. Later when she started getting more demanding on our looks and getting more girlish clothing I started to complain and resist but she just made me wear dresses and skirts and had my long hair cut and curled in a very feminate way.

After having to wear the frilly nighties and underwear and the lacy girls clothing for months. I actually had to admit that I really learned to like them. When I told my mom that I really preferred to be a girl, She was so happy and we went out and got even more items. At 13 I started wearing a padded bra, makeup, had both ears pierced and had my hair lightened. Most of the kids at school know I am a boy, but all of them just treat me as a girl.

I have a girlfriend who is almost a year older then me and she loves the way I look and we enjoy going out, we do each others hair regularly, go Mothers feminizing their sons for clothes and hang out at the mall or beach a lot.

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I have long blonde hair, weigh about ,5'7" and mom has been giving me hormones for over a year. I would really like to grow my own breasts, but the hormones have not caused any change there, but I have noticed some changes in my waist and thighs. I seem to be developing a girls figure but without any breast growth. My little brother is now 8 and he has been in girls items excluively since he was 3, everyone assumes he is just a little girl and no one has ever doubted it.

He has long slightly wavy hair and mom always has it in braids or pig tails. He was 3 when she started dressing him as a girl so he really never knew any difference and is quite content at being Mommys little girl. I love being a girlyboy and along with Mothers feminizing their sons brother, 14 year old sister, Mom and Dad we are a very close family and get along great.

Dad loves us being feminate and although he has occasionally dressed up for Mom does not wear any female items and always dreses like a man. Mom has tried to convince him to go female with us but he has not agreed to any of it. I love looking like a girl and it is a real invigerating feeling going out and being called one and accepted as one everyday, I love it.

I wish I knew more males who have done it, other then my brother I have only met one guy who lives as a girl and I hear that there are others out there like me, I have not met any others but would like to. I wish there were more moms like mine, because I think more boys could benefit from being girls and I love this life style. All Rights Reserved. All content and information is presented for entertainment purposes only. New user?

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Mothers feminizing their sons

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