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On December 20, Michael Jackson was subjected to a humiliating strip search in which his genitalia and buttocks were photographed and videofilmed. Authorities wanted to compare the photos with the descriptions his accuser, Jordan Chandler gave to the police in order to prove his allegations regarding alleged acts of molestation by Michael Jackson.

In the Motion Sneddon claimed:. I believe the discoloration Chandler identified in his drawing was not something he could have or would have guessed about, or could have seen accidentally. In the same declaration Sneddon stated that his assessments and conclusions are based on his belief:. Interestingly, Dr. Based on his statement it seems Dr. This is odd; as a medical professional, hired by the authorities to be present at the strip search, one would expect that he would have been asked to make the determination. It is unknown who told Dr. Strick that there was a match but all claims of this nature seem to point to Sneddon as a source.

Sneddon, however, cannot be considered an unbiased source given his decade long malice against Jackson. Putting aside why Dr. There are further indications that there was no match. On January 5, the Los Angeles Times reported:. However, it is a logical expectation that if Feldman was certain that his client was telling the truth then he would have been certain that the photographs would support and not harm his case. On March 16, Michael jacksons dick Los Angeles Times wrote:. Investigators have been attempting to determine whether Jackson has done anything to alter his appearance so that it does not match a description provided to them by the alleged victim, who turned 14 in January.

We Michael jacksons dick by now for a fact that Jackson was not circumcised as per his autopsy, released in early [7]. Michael Jackson, however, was not.

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The problem was trying to explain the details. If this was true, then Jordan certainly would have been able to tell that Jackson was uncircumcised, but he got the description wrong. It has to be noted that Jordan apparently gave two descriptions. But they pressed on and eventually arrived at a description that turned out to be an accurate match to the photographs taken by the Santa Barbara authorities a few days later.

Whatever happened to the rest of the description? Arnold Klein and plastic surgeon, Dr. Steve Hoefflin were raided by the police and they confiscated medical records of the star.

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Educated because he and his family knew that Jackson suffered from the skin disease, vitiligo. The entertainer announced that to the world in February, in an interview conducted by Oprah Winfrey. One of the areas vitiligo affects the most is the genital area [10].

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The drawing is dated October 24,and is probably not the actual drawing and description Jordan gave in December, but it appears to be some kind of draft or instructional rehearsal for that. The rest of the text on the drawing is a graphic fantasy of alleged sexual acts involving Brett Barnes.

Brett Barnes has always stated Michael jacksons dick that Jackson never molested him and never touched him in any inappropriate way whatsoever. During the trial, the same drawing circulated in the media and on the Internet, only in a heavily edited fashion. Ray Chandler too fully avoids mentioning the inaccurate circumcision issue in his book that was published in You can see this redacted version of the description below.

It was claimed the diagram was given to Evan Chandler by Jordan, so we are to believe that these notes were the words and writings of a year-old. However, based on the instructions eg. Why would they need to theorize on paper about it if Jordan definitively knew?

Jackson had a personal assistant named Orietta Murdock whom he fired in and who then sued the star for unfair dismissal.

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She no longer worked for Jackson when Jackson spent time with the Chandler family. In All That Glitters the following conversation is quoted from November 25, between Larry Feldman, the attorney who represented Jordan in his civil lawsuit against Jackson, and Evan Chandler:. It can change very quickly with this disease. You stick with the teeth. In All That Glitters she is also described as a good friend of Richard Hirsch, the attorney who represented Evan Chandler against the extortion charges filed by Jackson [9; ].

Feldman was aware of this, but had yet to discuss it with his young client. And the poor beast was already swayback. On the other hand, it had been medically established that the markings of vitiligo were subject to change. But since the DA was making a big deal over it, Larry had to be sure what, exactly, Jordie had seen. As you can see, the Chandlers cynically played on the fact that vitiligo markings are subject to change and they were preparing excuses for themselves to explain why their description did not match the photographs.

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