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I arrive home, open the door and there you were coming out of our bedroom, wearing your short red summer dress, your tits popping out from the low cut. His profile showing a picture of what I could only describe as a massive 7 inch cock.

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It was the width that was impressive. The door knocked, I walked down the hallway, his siloettet tallin stature through the glass door. His beard perfectly trimmed and long hair in a man bun. We walk down the hallway, you greet him at the kitchen and give him a kiss on the cheek.

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You are really nervous, everyone is, the air feels electric, we have a stranger in our house and I already know just from the first 30 seconds of conversation that at some point tonight you will be fucking him. He has a composure about him, a relaxed comfortable feeling, not intimidating, just friendly and chilled. It feels good and as the champagne goes down easily we grow more comfortable.

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The chat continues for almost an hour until it reaches the time that something must be said and you do. Respect for all and consent always, check in with each other. We all agree. And with that you suggest we go to the bedroom. As we walk to the bedroom I am the last in the door, the two of you about a metre away from each other suddenly draw closer and you are now pressing your bodies Mfm wife stories and you move your head in and kiss his him on the lips, he puts his arm round your back and draws you closer, you put your hands on his muscly chest and feel his pecks, his now on your pert arse.

You kiss for about thirty seconds before turning around and suggesting that he unzip your sexy red dress, your body looks amazing, now only in your green lingerie, your beautiful DD tits partially exposed from your bra, you remove his top and he takes off his pants, you motion for me to do the same and the two of you come over to the bed.

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A goddess in front of him, he knows he has hit the jackpot. I could see the excitement and wonder on his face.

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This beautiful woman. Wow he exclaimed. As you hopped off him you turned to me once more and requested that I take off my briefs, I was excited to get my cock out and for you to touch it. You reveal his 7 inch cock, big in girth, it was impressive, you looked turned on, your eyes and mouth displaying all the s of lust which I see when you look at me sometimes.

You take his hard cock in your hands and pull his foreskin over the head of his swollen helmet. A few moments go by and I suggest some lube. Now it feels better, probably the highlight of the night for me, we both turn our attention to you, me kissing your neck and right breast, him touching your sexy body. A few minutes go by when I suggest that maybe you would like to have a go on his cock. He purrs once more like a cat who got the milk, you gasp as you lower yourself onto him, you slowly start to move up and down each time lowering yourself further on his engorged cock.

He caresses your tits, now thrusting up and down and you sigh once more. A few more movements up and down and you slowly lift yourself from his cock and take a moment to compose yourself. This content appeared first on new sex story. You look over to me and I lean in giving you a kiss, our tongues meet and we hold it while he pumps you, your sighs reverberating through me.

Building once more only to be let down again when he pulls out, the process starts again. We fuck for a few minutes before you suggest Mfm wife stories you would like to take his cock once more. He was the present so I agree and pull out. You turn now to him and Mfm wife stories on your back again, now in the middle of the bed with your head near the headboard, he enters you again, I take off my condom as you motion for me to come closer, I lean forward and put my cock in your mouth, your muffled groans reverberating into my cock, he has picked up his pace and is fucking you deeply, your legs above his shoulders, your favourite position.

I pulled away to admire the view, sitting back I stroke my dick while I watch the two of you getting your groove on.

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He pulls out once more and you change position, you hop on all fours and he readies his hard swollen cock behind you. I put my cock near your face and you take me in your mouth, your muffled cries of ecstasy transfering to my manhood. He replies with the obvious that you are amazing. As I enter you, Mfm wife stories tell me you want it hard and I give it to you like you ask, the sound of my thighs slapping into you ass is unmistakable. Your sighs grow louder, you rub your pussy as I caress your tits. I thank him and he thanks me, I come over and our hands meet in a bro clench way, fun was had.

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Mfm wife stories

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