Metro 2033 stripper

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Once you leave the boat and the conversation on the dock is finished you are free to move around. Follow the bald guy as he walks off until he climbs some stairs and sits down at a desk. He will chat with you. After getting off the boat, follow the bald guy to his office to find a Diary Note. Stopping and listening to each them will often reward you with a Morality Point in total as well as backfilling some of the story and letting you know what is going on elsewhere in the Metro.

Additionally, you will come across some beggars and giving them a bullet each will also earn a Morality Point. Go back down the stairs and follow the path around the corner to the right. Keep on going until you reach the restaurant area.

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Turn to the right and go down the stairs nearby and straight up the next set into the Strip Club ahead. Once inside, go down the stairs to see a short scene. Approach the door that we saw during the scene for another scene. When you regain control, you can pay the stripper Metro 2033 stripper a dance and take a puff from a drug dispensing apparatus on the table if you like.

When you are ready, leave the room, go back up the stairs and exit the strip club. Head down the stairs and this time go to the right. There is a gun shop and an ammo shop along the waterfront here. Walk all the way to the end and listen to the conversation between the mother and her. Afterwards, turn around and climb the stairs to speak to the guy about trying out the shooting range. You will have to pay and win three times.

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After the third round, not only will you have quite a few more bullets, you will also get the teddy bear. This will also grab you a Morality Point. Return to the waterfront and climb the stairs at the far end from the Strip Club and open the door at the top.

As you enter, turn to the left and stay in the shadows at the end of the room. After a few moments a guard will come and investigate the door. Knock him out. With your back to the door, head over to the far left hand corner to find a switch to turn out some lights. Deactivate this and knock out the guard that comes to investigate. Return to the entrance door.

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Situate yourself with your back to the door and turn to the right. Follow the right wall along, past the enemies and lamps in the centre of the area until you reach a row of boxes in front. There is a short crate just to the left of your current position that you can climb up and exit on the far side of the stack. There will be two enemies in front of you.

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Wait for one to walk off and the other will move into the corner Metro 2033 stripper the shelf in front of you. Sneak in and punch out the guy behind the shelf. Turn off the lamp nearby and wait for the other guard to patrol back. Take him out as well. Continue along the right hand wall and turn off the next lamp on the crate here. Look behind this crate here against the wall for a lockbox containing Claymore Mines.

Again stick to the wall. Wait for a guard to patrol in front of you. Take him out. As we have been doing, continue to follow the right hand wall, through the drug lab and out the far side. Walk over and hide behind the crate against the wall just opposite the exit door from the drug lab. Wait here for a moment and a guard will patrol past. Punch him out. Now get over and hang onto the left wall whilst you go around the three enemies standing around a fire along the right wall.

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When you reach the shelf blocking your path, wait for a second and a guard should patrol into view just beyond the shelf ahead. Sneak over and take him out. Just ahead at the far end of the room, there is a desk with a lantern on it. A guard will patrol back and forward behind this. Wait for him and he will come over to inspect a shelf near where you took out the guard.

Run over and turn off the light on the desk ahead. Interact with the door below the white light for a scene. After the scene, follow your new friend through the secret entrance he opens up, interact with the suit to the right of the platform and then climb the ladder to the next area. If you completed the level without killing anyone you will earn a Morality Point. Step into the shoes of Artyom and enter the overpopulated metro subway system of the post-apocalyptic Russia. Subscribe to Premium to Remove. Metro: Last Light. Guide » Walkthrough » Walkthrough » Chapter Venice. Subsubscribe to Premium to Remove.

View Full-size. Reunion Find and return the crying child's Teddy Bear. The guide will Metro 2033 stripper you with tons of hits and tips including: Complete ALL stories missions with pure stealth! Location of every Diary Note. Location of every Musical Instrument. Log in Up.

Metro 2033 stripper

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