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I can't believe straight people think butch lesbians are scary. I see a butch lesbian and I'm immediately like I would trust you with my life. It goes to show that transmisogynists and terfs base their ideas on what womanhood is on a white, European, racist, antisemetic, patriarchal caricature of womanhood, and not actual womanhood, which is intrisic to each women, normal or cis. Hey people w morals! Could you reblog this so I have non terfs in the notes and spread awareness? Thank you kindly!

Fentanyl strips specifically.

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Stand with Indigenous Peoples, recognize thier efforts, and fight for the end of fossil fuel expansion. You can read the full report and see the estimation methodology here. I know at least on a generic surface level why people in power are taking Havana syndrome seriously but God if it doesn't piss me off to see them go to such lengths for made up shit in the name of anti-communism while real invisible illnesses that are disabling and causing suffering to people remain severely understudied, untreated and underfunded Like, I know this Havana syndrome shit is hilarious to people who don't struggle with chronic illness and in theory it should be hilarious to me too, it almost is, but it just hits too close to home for me.

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God, it makes me want to punch something. Rich kids in private school get to sit in circles and discuss literature theory like businessmen exchanging ideas. Middle-class kids sit in arrays of desks like assembly lines Lesbian femme tumblr cubicles. Poor kids attend schools with armed security guards and metal detectors, ready for a lifetime of prison labor. If you are the child of wealthy parents, this does not make you rich: it makes you a possible client of wealthy patrons.

I have encountered children of rich parents denied tuition funding bc they came out as gay. I have encountered children of rich parents forced into psychiatric confinement begging their parents on the phone every night to please let them leave. I have encountered children of fabulously affluent and abusive parents who can effectively buy off judges and pay to have them hunted down if they run from home. Financial abuse is a real thing, and people should seriously look it up.

I know at least two survivors of childhood SA that were continually controlled by their abusers well into adulthood through money. One was also institutionalized as despite being obviously an abuse victim because when your parents are rich they can just do that. Another friend managed to get a criminal investigation opened against their childhood abuser who had a conservatorship over them and then it just… vanished.

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Their abuser paid off the police to make it go away. They had to flee across country, go into hiding and fight a multi-year legal battle to get out of the conservatorship. COVID is slowly becoming a "third world" disease. While first world countries are hoarding vaccines, having doses for populations many times their size, third world countries can't get any because pharma companies want to sell to the first world countries first.

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Even then, first world countries will receive them first. While rich countries recover from COVID, they will forget about the pandemic while many other countries live the absolute worst moment of the pandemic without being able to vaccinate their population. Watch also when some first world countries finish vaccinating their populations, they will turn to third world countries and "donate" or sell surplus vaccines.

People in these countries will go "Oh how sweet! This is not a bullshit useless change dot org petition by the way this is an actual thing with legal consequences. If this petition gets to a million atures, the european commission HAS to examine it. They need not only a million atures but to pass thresholds in at least seven member states - which only Belgium has done so so far.

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Especially if you have Italian, Irish, or Cypriot citizenship, please. it in general, but try to circulate if you can to anyone with those nationalities specifically. As a trans woman who has medically detransitioned, this behavior is disgusting and transmisogynistic to its core, no matter the excuse given. Getplume has disabled comments on their after people started using them to warn that its a predatory service, so Lesbian femme tumblr is your reminder that plume charges you 99 dollars a month for shit that places like planned parent hood charge way less and not monthly for, and actively spread misinformation about major health effects of hrt, such as whether or not estrogen can cause infertility in trans women it usually does, but plume says it doesnt.

Posts Did you read the FAQ? Submit your fashion about FAQ Archive. The two cops face up to life sentences, according to the U. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Ohio. All nine of our reagents in one convenient and cheaper package. If you are the child of wealthy parents, this does not make you rich: it makes you a possible client of wealthy patrons I have encountered children of rich parents denied tuition funding bc they came out as gay.

This is what happens to the children of rich people.

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From studentaid. Yo europeans, the fucking petitionget the european commission to lift the patents No Profit on Pandemic! now! Cashapp: spacepunkk Venmo: spacepunk.

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