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Penny Hofstadter : Amy got her ears pierced, she broke up with Sheldon, and she made us eat penis cookies. Amy Farrah Fowler : In the spirt of the bachelorette party, I baked cookies shaped like male genitals.

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Penny Hofstadter : Oh, Amy, you didn't have That is anatomical! Amy Farrah Fowler : Thank you. The veins are blue gummy worms.

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Bernadette Rostenkowski : Oh, look. Jewish and gentile. Amy Farrah Fowler : I had some dough left over. Bernadette Rostenkowski : Come on.

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Leonard's doing bachelor stuff. You sure we can't take you to a strip club? Penny Hofstadter : No, if I wanna see a naked dancing man I just flush the toilet while Leonard's in the shower. Penny Hofstadter : Before I made that call, my pig was alive and happy, rolling around in the mud. Now he's illegally buried in our back yard next to my great grandmother.

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Bernadette Rostenkowski : Really, they didn't eat him? Penny Hofstadter : No, he was a beloved member of the family. Bernadette Rostenkowski : The breakfast meat family? In. Showing all 10 items. Jump to: Photos 6 Quotes 4.

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Pelis y series que veo. See all related lists ». Share this :.

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Johnny galecki penis

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Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki’s Relationship Through the Years: From Costar Couple to Friendly Exes