Jessica nigri sucks

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Damn that's actually pretty good! I'm wondering how she walks with that though. I can't remember if it was her or not that had the walking hind legs that moved with her. Even the badass ones? LadyTerror Influencer. She's one of the most popular cosplayers but most of her cosplay sucks. She's only famous for her tits Her worst cosplay I can think of is probably this one And no.

The character doesn't have an outfit resembling the one on the left. Vote A. Some of her cosplay is good.

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Vote B. Who cares? Check out that rack! Vote C. Select age and gender to cast your vote:. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Facebook. Who else thinks Jessica Nigri is overrated? Add Opinion. I can see where you are going with this and I agree with you - In a lot of the online fame areas, they are about - I was listening to cover songs on YouTube lately and a lot of the top female cover artists where big chested girls Jessica nigri sucks tight clothes. TheWaterBear Xper 6. Mylune from World of Warcraft. Show All Show Less. Blizzcon always has some amazing cosplayers and terrible ones, too Yeah I've actually seen some pics a couple of times :P.

Chadette Xper 5. There were a few I thought looked pretty good, like that Deadpool one, maybe the Death Knight one as well. I went to DragonCon once, and met some cosplayers. They were pretty nice and explained how they made it. Even showed pictures and videos of their process. If I could, I'd like to experiment with worbla. I've never met Jessica, though. That's awesome! I've always wanted to go to DragonCon once.

Is she truly a nerd or just dress up for attention?

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No idea. She does stream live on Twitch sometimes. She also seems to know many of her characters. Usually League. Apparently she's good at it. I've never watched her play. Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Zorax 1. She is mostly overrated, but some of her cosplay is good. For example, her "Lili outfit" really sucks, but her Sonya Blade outfit is very cool: I also like her Catwoman and Mad Moxxi cosplay. Yep, me too, especially her Catwoman costume. You seem to be surprised that someone's fame Jessica nigri sucks a cosplayer would be -primarily- based on how hot they are I can name many that are attractive and can also cosplay.

Xper 7. I had to take the rack option. I feel the cosplay outfits are dumb. No no, HER cosplay outfits. I love good ones. Also, my Ryze is better. Pac-Man Yoda. All cosplayers are overrated because the only thing thats required to be a famous cosplayer is to look good. BeerFarts Yoda. This is my first time ever seeing or hearing about her but since she's blonde and big boobed, hell nah, she ain't overrated! Who cares anyway! Eh I'd fuck her if she had a hairy one.

Though before this question I never heard of her. Not all over so she looks like an ape, just the good part. I'm not a weeaboo nerd.

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Never heard of her. But considering she does cosplay vs the people who typically do cosplay, she's the closest thing to Jesus most of those virgins will ever get.

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I see bewbs I press like" Don't even care what cosplay is. You'll have to shop online. Brooklyn Xper 5. I personally love her, both as a cosplayer and as a person. Yumix 1. I don't really follow her but from what I've seen HulkkSmash Xper 6. She has a hot face too.

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But i agree with you that shea overrated. Xper 6. I'm not into cosplay I just use her like I would do a porn stat. Decentguy Master. I have no clue who she is but she's hot. Didn't even knew she existed till now. SleepingSnorlax Explorer. I don't even know who that is. I don't know her she is or this cosplay thing is. HanimKalkKelesiGetir Xper 5. Related myTakes.

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Jessica nigri sucks

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