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So, deal with it. Before I go any further, this post was not sponsored whatsoever.

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He did such an amazing job on these cover ups, and I could not be happier! I got my first tattoo when I was 21 years old. She was a great friend, and I hope she still thinks the same of me. Well, that first tattoo was covered up after I saw that she covered hers up. This is why I ended up having to cover up yet another two tattoos of mine, which was my birthday present to myself this year. In this post I want to talk about the importance of researching artists, and the importance of this decision.

Jersey girl tattoos recently had two of my tattoos covered up because of my stupidity in the past. I have gotten quite a few tattoos that meant something to me at the time, but are basically just there now. There were a few that I got spur of the moment and I love them, but others are well, meh.

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The two cover ups that I just got pictured above I waited a few months for. I went to the tattoo shop in July and booked my appointment for October because that was the first available time. I went to Texas and wanted to get something small for my epilepsy, and that is what I got. The ribbon itself was fine, but the color of the ribbon was WAY off, and the s look like garbage. I got one on my wrist, and it looked terrible. The lines were wobbly, and the color was so uneven. I honestly thought a job would turn me away for having visible tattoos.

It was so messy, because the makeup would get everywhere. All over my clothes, on my desk, my keyboard pad, you name it, it was there. Yes, you are supposed Jersey girl tattoos tip your artist. Bottom line, depending on how your body heals and what you actually get, you will feel like a lizard person for a bit haha.

The one on my ankle was really bad because it was solid black and the one on my wrist was just annoying because of the spot it was in. It took about two weeks for the scabs to fully come off. If you do you will mess up your tattoo. I had an accident with the Marilyn Monroe tattoo I have on my ribs. Well I took off my bra and the scab came off with it.

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I can count on 1 hand how many people I know who regret their tattoos, or have sworn they will only have one, but I can count on hands exaggerated just a tad hahahow many people I know who got one and had to continue getting them. In the end you can end up spending thousands of dollars really quick. You will need to get tattoos touched up.

This is more important than people think. If you look at my wrist in the above pictures, that was the second time covering up my wrist. When I went to the artist over the summer to have him look at my cover up ideas, he was definitely a little nervous about the one on my wrist.

He was appauled at how bad of a cover up was done ly. I honestly thought the only way to get rid of that tattoo was to get it removed because when you cover tattoos, they usually end up having to be much bigger than what they currently are which is why I was happy that my tattoo artist was able to keep the one on my wrist the same size. When I was having my wrist looked at, I honestly thought nothing could be Jersey girl tattoos because I hate roses, but settled for the Peony that looks kind of like a rose lol. Finding a tattoo with detail and making sure the placement works is the difficult part.

My wrist was half traced and half freehanded. The above was the best he could do given how terrible the tattoo ly was. The cover up on my wrist was the best thing I could find without it being a huge deal.

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At the end of the day, from my experiences, all I will say is do your research, and really think about it. I never had names tattooed on me thank god but I have had tattoos that reminded me of a point in my life. I feel like those tattoos, no matter how bad the memory is, they remind me to keep going every day. I still have a few more tattoos that I want to fix or touch up. I am older and have seen what a good tattoo actually looks like, and a few of the ones I currently have need a little work. At my last job, one of my coworkers not knowing I had tattoos stated that girls who have tattoos are whores.

Some of the girls with tattoos that I know are the absolute biggest sweethearts and definitely not whores lol.

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If they are done right, they can look so beautiful. In my opinion, as a tattooed person, I think of my body as a canvas and the tattoos are part of my painting. If you have visible tattoos, get used to people asking you what they are and what it means, or why you got it.

This can get annoying at times, but some people are really interested in knowing your story. Follow along on InstagramFacebookPinterestand Twitter. Great post, Monica! I have some pretty horrible tattoos myself that I got when I was young and dumb. But the really bad ones are not visible to many people. So I just embrace them as part of my history, my story, and plan on just leaving them as is! Actually, I am just too lazy Jersey girl tattoos deal with it. But if ever I change my mind, these are great tips to have. Thanks for sharing. Thanks girl! Thanks for sharing all this info.

Your cover up flower is amazing! Too many people do not take that critical first step. These are such great things to think about. Then I thought they were so cool. Such a useful post for anyone considering a tattoo. I donot have tattoos. I think I am so chicken to urge myself to get one. I got paranoid about the flu shot. I love the story behind them. One day If I get my self to get one I will consider your advices. Great advices by the way.

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I honestly hate needles, and hate getting blood drawn. All great things to consider when getting a tattoo, great post! I love these cover ups too! They look amazing! But bookmarking this if I ever change my mind—thanks for all the tips!

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Hi Monica! Love your coverup flower and your tattoo. I wanted to get a tattoo of my boy, Gibson fur baby and also had the idea of a pin up girl playing jazz guitar.

Jersey girl tattoos

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