Into the raptors den

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The Wowhead Client is a little application we use to keep our database up to date, and to provide you with some nifty extra functionality on the website! You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! Live PTR. Classic TBC. Quick Facts. We Need Guns. Mutiny, Mon! Comments Comment by danyjr You need Sunscale Feathers in order to touch the nests. These are dropped by Sunscale Scytheclaws raptors that are around the nest area. Comment by Really easy to find. Comment by Voltt the drop rate for this quest is so bad I was going to throw my computer out of the window.

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Comment by Rillarri If your technical like myself the exact coordinates are Red Nest Comment by Im having trouble with this quest im at the place but i cant use the feathers what do i have to click on? Comment by If you look up the you can see it tells you it's by the bridge between Xro and Camp T, great advice, once you get a little before the bridge al you have to do is take a right.

About raptors there, you'll get feathers from them, if you dont get all of the feathers, enter the Oasis and there will be a few more raptors. Hope this helped :. Comment by When I did this Quest I was having trouble Finding the Raptors the best place to find these guys is Comment by I have killed so many Scytheclaws that I am about to shoot myself in the head I have not found any feathers Perhaps a glitch?

Someone please help. Comment by There near the Oasis but not in the area.

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There colorfull circles with rings. Comment by Tanae And btw, its 1 feather per nest, so you only need 3 in all and not 3 per nest. Comment by i dont get it wene dose a rapter have a feather.

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Into the raptors den by Hinahina I hate this quest, I just loathe it. Although it is easy, there's a Packrunner with three Hounds patrolling like a bullet really close to this area. No matter how far away I am, they always get close enough and aggro me. I mean they get REALLY close, if you're on the side of the mound where the two nests are and the tree, they will still aggro on you. I really don't understand why he's there, and why he has three, but whatever. Just be careful, approach from whatever direction, but stay to the south. Comment by eschient Just a note, if doing this quest in a group, only one person needs feathers.

When they use the nest, everyone in the group should get credit. The raptors around the area for the Stolen Silver quest had a very good drop rate whenever I've done this quest. Comment by These are all right next to eachother. Comment by lgthomas As of Cataclysm the location has changed as well as the level.

The Lashtail Raptors that drop the feathers and guard the nests are now all level Comment by Korwynd I wouldn't say as of Cataclysm since that hasn't come out yet, but besides the locations changing and being further apart from each other, you no longer need the feathers to open each nest, just kill the raptors that get in your way. I found this out while doing the quest today.

Comment by Yellow: Comment by malavae The yellow nest us up on the ridge to the south of the valley. Comment by Sully Heh, yellow nest was tricky before I read above posts. I noticed the drop rate for the feathers seems a lot better.

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Comment by The co-ords The north ridge does not seem to be climbable. Comment by For those that dont have CO-ORDS, Leave crossro heading south, Just before you get to the new canyon the nests are in the last hills on your left hand side. Comment by ok so this Into the raptors den kinda a boring one but i got it finally Comment by fanahthenitelf The yellow nest is near the set of trees If u look for a Tauren totem there will be a small path go to it turn right and up the hill u should see a tree that looks kinda like a fork.

I will submit a photo for those who are lost like me :D. Comment by I did this quest on a druid, and my Cat Form ability Prowl made it really Into the raptors den :. Comment by Thank you very much for this post lgthomas! I was runnin around for ever here and couldn't find the yellow nest!

Comment by See pics to get to yellow nest. Comment by dkgirl Comment by This one was a tricky s o b, the first raptor I killed, I got a feather, but then I did not get any in over 30 raptors, then I tried to use the one feather I already had, on the yellow nest, and after that I only had to kill 2 additional raptors, is it that you can't find more than one feather, without actually using it on a nest? I've read every word in the comments section about this quest? Comment by this was one of the most tedius quests in the game as the yellow nest ended up being in a tricky spot.

Comment by Neurolanis This took me forever to find! Even with the instructions given here, it didn't steer me right to the yellow nest. Yellow nest directions: When you arrive at the opening, just left of the large bull totem pole, you DO NOT enter the small valley where the other nests are.

You fight your way up the rocky ledge to the right, until you come to a nest at the top. It is on the WEST side of the mount if you're looking at the map. Comment by Bonafide Just a he up. If you by any chance have any Sunscale Feathers left in your inventory when you are done with the quest, do not throw them away before turning the quest in.

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This will abandon the quest. Even though the feathers them selves are not needed for the turn in. Comment by Nurgel Thank you so much it was taking me forever to find this, couldn't do it without your help ;D. I actually went Into the raptors den just killing raptors. Dropped the stupid quest. Comment by MagicTurtle4 I really hated this quest.

All of the raptors in the Barrens could drop the feathers but it took forever for them to drop. Not all of the raptors dropped the feathers. Comment by berdle Levelled 14 to 15, got 38 raptor eggs, a whole level of XP no looms and not a single feather. Abandoned quest, picked it up again. Looted 3 feathers from the first 4 Sunscale Lashtails I killed. Then, follow the path up and around to the left to the nest at Comment by keithcva51 Cleared all the raptors in this area 6 times. Not a single feather dropped. Complete garbage quest.

Ignore it and move on Comment by guitarman For those of you that have the problem with no raptor feathers dropping, this is a bug. You have to drop the quest and start it again. Comment by sergiochan There's a minor typo in the quest completion text: it should be "than" instead of "then". Into the Raptor's Den. So you've been to the nests and placed the feathers of your prey within them.

That took a fair portion of courage, no doubt about it. Because you look tougher now then when you first came here. I guess the Barrens is doing its job. IsQuestFlaggedCompleted Please keep the following in mind when posting a comment: Your comment must be in English or it will be removed. Unsure how to post? Check out our handy guide! Simply browse for your screenshot using the form below. Screenshots containing UI elements are generally declined on sight, the same goes for screenshots from the modelviewer or character selection screen.

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Into the raptors den

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Quest:Into the Raptor's Den