I want you to eat me out

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I want to play with your hair while your tongue plays with my pussy. Which dress do you want to stick your head under later? No, not those lips.

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Shut up. Last week was blowjob week, because I had my period. So I think this week should be cunnilingus week. I want to feel your tongue make its way down my stomach and into my pussy. By the time you get here, my jeans will be off and my legs will be spread.

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Are you up for the challenge? I had a rough day. Your tongue is the only thing that can make it all better. Those are the rules.

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If you go down on me now, I just might return the favor after I orgasm. I want your dick in my mouth. And your mouth on my pussy. Ready to 69? Nothing turns me on more than looking down and seeing your head in between my legs. Are you going to eat me out tonight or am I going to have to do something naughty to convince you? The only thing I want more than my mouth on your mouth is your mouth on my clit. Those are orders. Ari has absolutely no interest in visiting the island resort where traumatic memories are repressed.

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I want you to get a taste of me. Your chores for tonight: Eat me out, fuck me, and cuddle me. Work is so boring. I wish you were under my desk, eating me out. My pussy misses your mouth. When I imagine your lips, oral is all I can think about. Get over here.

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Get your head in between my legs. And get me off. Do you think you can make me orgasm without using your hands? Are you ready to fix that?

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