I want to watch my girlfriend sleep with another man

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November 23, by Justin Lehmiller. How often do you come across men who want to watch their wife or girlfriend be with other men sexually?

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I am trying to slowly talk my wife into it. I am smart enough not to dog her about it. Any ideas or suggestions to help me out? In fact, a similar scenario has even appeared on one of the Top 10 Lists of Sexual Fantasies that I have compiled for this website. For instance, some men may find it arousing to see their partner sleep around simply because they are voyeurs.

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In other words, they may derive great pleasure from watching other people engaged in sexual activity. A certain degree of voyeurism is common, given the widespread popularity of pornography; however, some people have more intense degrees of voyeurism than others and are only satisfied seeing the real thing in person.

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Another possibility is that there is a biological or evolved mechanism that stimulates arousal in this situation. Specifically, seeing another man or multiple men bedding a desirable woman may stimulate sperm competition.

Perhaps even more compelling, research has found that after viewing pornography that depicts sperm competition i.

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Thus, it may be adaptive for men to be aroused by this situation because it will increase the odds that they will impregnate their partner instead of someone else. Of course, other explanations are also possible e.

But no matter the reason, as long as the activity is consensual and nobody feels pressured into doing something they do not want to do, acting on this fantasy could potentially enhance sexual satisfaction for everyone involved. Like any other sexual fantasy, this is not something you can force upon your partner—going through with it has to be a mutual decision.

The only thing you can do is tell your partner about your fantasy and see where it goes.

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Thus, the timing is important, as is the way it is framed because your partner may interpret this fantasy in a lot of different ways. For past Sex Question Friday posts, see here. Want to learn more about Sex and Psychology? for articles or follow the blog on Facebook facebook. You can also follow Dr. Lehmiller on YouTube and Instagram. The human penis as a semen displacement device.

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Evolution and Human Behavior, 24, — Biology Letters, 1, — Lehmiller is an award-winning educator, and a prolific researcher who has published more than 50 academic works. April 7, by Justin Lehmiller.

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January 8, by Justin Lehmiller. January 7, by Justin Lehmiller. But what do we know about the consequences of Blog Books Podcast About the Dr. Written by Dr. You also might be interested in.

I want to watch my girlfriend sleep with another man

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Sex Question Friday: I Want To Watch My Wife Sleep With Someone Else. Is That Normal?