How to draw big butts

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Take this lightly. You do dis! You no do dat! So when I draw a backside with the intent of sexualization, that is completely out of the question. Here is the very rustic method I use for forming most butts that I sketched up. Same base model, but just altered in some areas. My personal rules almost never change. A basic oval with a flatter bottom and almost perfectly rounded at the top.

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I mind my perspective and angle. This is a simple curved line to separate each buttock. The line is off center with the right buttock being close to a third larger than the left since that is facing more towards us. I typically prefer to flatten out these lines for a more subtle but definite heft.

But they can arch to many depths for a variety of shapes and still look excellent. Keep in mind, the longer across the bottom cheek lines, the larger the cheeks appear. Vice versa, the shorter the lines, the smaller the cheeks will be.

The thighs come in here as well. I go for very thick thighs meaning they poke out just slightly on the sides and smoothly curve inward softly. Self explanatory. Waist and thighs compliment the butt and hips. Just as important as the cheeks themselves. At this stage, the sketch lines of are cleared and the main lines are thinned. Curves are further smoothed out and I add more features.

I often use short broken lines to indicate which cheek ends where at the top of the thigh and the base of the waist.

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I also love adding Dimples of Venus. If I come this far, my basic teachings of shading over the years come into play. This is not perfectly shaded, but it gives the general idea. Quick brush in with my marker tool. Crude blotches of color for my shadows than hit it with the low opacity soft eraser to smooth shadows. No hard shadows on the cheeks except for right in the cleavage.

Add a few highlights then lighten up my brush and gently dash in reflected light. Deep hard shadow between the thighs. Gradually soften. But I wanted a more natural feel. Imperfections are always nice here and there to add some girth and give the butt a nice grip to it. I intentionally indented the lower body line of the cheeks to give the impression of some light cellulite which I do appreciate.

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Some of the shading around the thighs are also disturbed in an attempt to give the same impression. You can also see where the left and right sides of the entire leg and hip slope inward. I avoid making butts wider than the very tops of the thighs to give a more comprehensive definition and that hourglass, pinup appeal. Basically I avoid the first, second, and fourth example of the top image. As for tight clothing. The panties squeeze just slightly into the hips making a very brief protrusion from the skin being under pressure. I add sharp wrinkles that show tension and stress for a robust sense of bigness.

When I have a bent over position things are tightened. The crotch is slightly or completely visible and lower body lines are shortened inward showing the skin is being pulled taut. Thighs are also be foreshortened to varying degrees depending on the depth and complexity of the angle. They are also not perfectly smooth to show where the muscles are tensing for additional girth. The lower body lines are typically much more level and are characterized by their wideness versus protrusion. There is no subtlety as the definitions are highly pronounced in any clothing.

There are far more shapes and structures than just those two. Stronger, more fit butts for athletic types and a nice middle-ground of the above that have a nice stockiness that I find are perfect for my women of a shorter How to draw big butts. All of which and more have thousands of variants to them. Form and Nuances. Both of these things are the main factors I focus on when constructing a butt that is sure to satisfy.

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Thought Process for Drawing Butts xopachi : Disclaimer. Basic butt. To wind up, some words on different shapes.

How to draw big butts

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